I Love Personifications of the Zodiac: Juuni Taisen

Okay so I’ve been watching sprinkling of anime here and there, and I’ve had in mind to talk about them, so let’s jump into it!

I finished watching this anime so I will review (more like ramble but yah okay) with spoilers, please don’t read if you haven’t seen this. PLEASE, you need to watch this anime the  spoilers will do you a major disservice.


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I’m going to be more active on this blog; it’s all part of me becoming productive again. I’m going to focus on completing stories which I will talk about. I’ll also be giving small anime reviews and come up with interesting topics to speak about as well.  My goal is to at least make one post per day.

Wish me luck

People are scared of labels?

People are scared of labels?

“I don’t label things.”

“You can’t just say that it is like that. You can’t assume. You can’t mark things like that. It’s not how the world works…”

I often wonder as I discover the things around me—are people scared of labels? Or is it really no way to categorize something? It is really what you would call assumption to say something is labeled as such? Continue reading

Writing With My Heart On A Pen

Be honest with me…tell me what you think if it.
Tell me, just tell me. I can’t stand this silence.
I just need someone outside to tell me what the voice inside of me is screaming.

That I suck.
That my stuff is boring.
That my writing is boring.

That it’s confusing to read.
That’s why no one can ever bother reading it to the end right?


It’s just only natural in the creative process to be knocked down with a feeling of incompetence. But I could remember a time when that voice shut up and stopped talking for a good number of years. Now it’s back and it’s rattling at my ear.
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Not Enough Hours in a Day…


So much anime, so little time. What should I write about this time. Mmmm, I’m pretty divided—but I’m guessing that I should be jotting down my feelings on the  animes that I’m currently obsessing about. And that is:

  • K Project
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  • Sukitte ii na Yo

I’ve also promised my sister that I’d watch Sword Art Online, but even thought I’ve found interest in the anime, it lacks the addictive charm to get me to keep coming back to it. BUT the four animes that I’ve listed DO have that addictive charm. These are the shows that are swiriling in my mind, and have me giggling in random times of day as I remember them.

OH and I plan to make the time to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, just BECAUSE! The OST is directed and conducted by the Kajiura-sama.


Yuki Kajiura-sama~~~~

I Have a Tendancy of Doing a Ton of Things at the Same Time…

I originally planned to bunch this with my previous post but it grew to long, so I split it… So, here in this post I’m going to explain all things I’m getting myself entangled with lately. So read on, if you dare… *evil laugh* Continue reading

Ready or Not…

Life is basically about improvement, it’s about surviving and trying to reach that goal—the one that you spend all your existence figuring out. For me, I’ve had some idea, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint it. Now, I’ve settled with just aiming without knowing where to shoot, and just fucking shooting.

I’m going to start running in the dark. Because life is short, and I can’t waste anymore years second guessing myself. That being said, I am going to revive this blog and bring it up to speed. There isn’t much to change, just add more things and take away a couple of things.

I will add some very old blog entries that I had intended to add a while back and post up my purdy drawings all over the place. ^w^

As for my activities, I’ve been all over the place, drawing here and there, writing some, and listening to lots and lots of Vocaloid songs. I am officially a passionate lover of Vocaloid. It’s helped me spark back my motivation and has become one of my new muses for my arts and writing.


I’m trying so very hard to keep on track with my school work… but I’m burning so bad with the need to work on the fanfics. I’m currently trying to type everything that I’ve written for now.

And I’m looking to expand adding more blog pages under the “my fanfictions” sections… ahhh so much to do.. but I really like working on this stuff wahhhh… *gets shot*

I spent this weekend typing up the 13th chapter of AoM which is like 35 pages long front and back, I have seven pages left now *victory dance* I’ve yet to proofread and check for grammer issues… I’ve noticed that my writing style is too wordy. But when I cut it out make it more concise it looks so… naked? O_o

As for this blog, there’s two more “Artistic Spotlight” posts I wanna do, which I think I’ll try to accomplish before the end of this week… >w< Uwah they’s so awesome… they really make me want to keep drawing… I keep imagning how my own art style would look like after much pracitce… uwah.. really can’t wait till I can reach that level… *sighs*

Well that’s all I got for now, just wanted to post something just keep this blog updated, I guess.

Procrastination kills

Procrastination and distraction are twin demons that double team me to drag me down heartlessly and after they let me go.. it’s almost too late to catch up… it happens like most of the time.  I’ve put in mind that this semester I won’t let them get the best of me.

Ahh well besides that . Everything is going alright I guess. The classes are alright, my mother being a bother as usual.  I’m just worried that I’m going to lose internet connection soon. So I’m trying to take advantage before they cut if off for lack of paying the bill. Being jobless sucks… that’s why I hate holiday jobs and temp jobs… it’s so mendokusei to job hunt, redo my resumé go to interviews and wait and search and wait and search and wait and search… well you get the picture.

I’m lagging behind on some posts that I wanna do. And there’s several drawings I want to work on too… but I can’t get too carried away on my personal projects that I neglect my school work… today I’ve stayed several hours at the college to get some work done… and also work on my blog because unfortunately Distraction just sits there as the Lady Deity ruling over the household… I don’t know why I find it so difficult to study even work on my writings… it’s weird… I bought a desk and I never sit to write on it, I got myself clip stand to type work without craning my neck and I haven’t properly used it yet and I got a new laptop and yet I still have to wait my turn to use  the computer because  apparently two PC aren’t enough?! Ah…. I complain, but the situation isn’t serious, it’s just baffling.