Writing With My Heart On A Pen

Be honest with me…tell me what you think if it.
Tell me, just tell me. I can’t stand this silence.
I just need someone outside to tell me what the voice inside of me is screaming.

That I suck.
That my stuff is boring.
That my writing is boring.

That it’s confusing to read.
That’s why no one can ever bother reading it to the end right?


It’s just only natural in the creative process to be knocked down with a feeling of incompetence. But I could remember a time when that voice shut up and stopped talking for a good number of years. Now it’s back and it’s rattling at my ear.
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I Have a Tendancy of Doing a Ton of Things at the Same Time…

I originally planned to bunch this with my previous post but it grew to long, so I split it… So, here in this post I’m going to explain all things I’m getting myself entangled with lately. So read on, if you dare… *evil laugh* Continue reading

Nanowrimo progress

Okay now, my Nano progress this year is horrible, but it’s the farthest I’ve gone in any nano I’ve done actually.

This would be my third year doing Nano. But I had hoped that I’d do better than this.


On my first week I was very determined, as I sought to reach 10,000 words by Saturday. The draft immediately started off choppy and overly ansty. I was disgusted. In other words I didn’t like what I was writing. I felt it was fake, but it was possibly because I wasn’t able to really settle down and get into the writing

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