Omg… Bleach 406… omg…

Omg, omg, omg…

The Bleach manga is getting so SO SO good right now! I suppressed a squeal since I wasn’t in the comfort of my home when I read it.

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Bleach Movie: Fade to Black

I can’t exactly tell you how long I’ve been waiting to watch this movie…it’s been a lonnng time… but I finally got around to watch it last weekend.


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My Top Ten Bleach Characters

bleach bootleg

Bleach Characters

I usually don’t even put my favorites in any anime in order because I feel that my favoritism for them is comparable to different shapes instead of different sizes. But even so I sat down and racked my brain in picking out who I’d favor the most by checking my self on how many times I’ve talked about him/her, how many times I’ve thought out fanfics in them… and things of that nature.

And so without further adieu, here’s my top ten Bleach characters:

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