Hyuuga’s Caged Bird

 A reflection on Hyuuga Neji’s character and the philosophy of  fatalism
Hyuuga Neji

Hyuuga Neji

When I first sat down to start writing a Naruto blog post, the first topic that came up was Hyuuga Neji. It’s enough that I’ve gotten the people around me fed up with him and conciously aware of his lack of screen time in the anime AND the manga. And so, I’ve decided to honor him with a post that’s all about him…

(Oh, and just so you know, I don’t claim to be some well known expert or anything… I’m just a fan putting in my two cents on the subject)


Neji is a very interesting character right from the start when he’s first introduced in the series. He comes off as the polar oppisite of Hyuuga Hinata. A girl so sweet , caring, pure, and selfless. Then he enters; cold, selfish, tough, self-centered and tainted with hatred against his own family. He’s famous for his superiority complex, a feeling that he’s like God looking down at the rest as puny insects. But the funny thing is, that fact is, he is but a Branch member of an enslaved section of the Hyuuga family.
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