Recently watched Anime

I’ve spent a large amount of time blogging today… so this will be the last post of the day… before I come back I suppose….
I’m inches away to finally being up-to-date with Gintama. After those two weeks of being internet-less build a couple… but now, I’m really close… I believe I have less than ten before I finally catch up. Yes! As for another anime that I’m rather relishing is, Tegami Bachi…

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The “maybe” driving method

I’m getting used to my new job/school/home schedule that I have… a little rocky but I believe by the second week I’ll be fine…

I’m working night shift at a warehouse and at the same time going to college four times a week…. but anyway enough about me…

I’ve been watching Gintama, the anime is getting good again. God I love that show. Which reminds me the I have to get time to work on some fiction I’m writing about that anime as well. Lately in my driving I’ve been having close calls when making turns and when zooming yellow lights… I’m just real lucky I haven’t cross paths with cops yet. I’m so reckless but I promised my little brother to be careful, perhaps I’ll use the “maybe” driving method.

Maybe… cops will be hiding in bushes right at the entrance of route 924?
Maybe… and old lady will be zooming by?
Maybe… I’m being watched by a satellite from outer space?!?!

Ahahha, don’t mind me, just watch this clip and I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m getting at:

I’m putting too much on my Plate

I’m posting by bulk aren’t I?  Third post of the day last one I believe…

I’m in the process of revising some of my old fanfics that I have up on FFnet and I’m often tormented with the thought of typing up some other unfinished fics… but the thing is I’m worried that if I do so, then, I’ll have more on my plate…

So I’m wondering should I do it or not?

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Gintoki – My sugar-coated obssesion…

Well here I am again with my second-ever-post on my blog.


Autumn is setting in and it’s dragging my allergies as a friendly companion so I’m sniffling and sneezing all over the place. But, here I am at school again cuz I have no other choice.

This weekend I spent watching:

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