Emanuella 2

So how’d it going so far? I don’t usually write so flowery, but I was working on writing with a different “voice”. Instead of my usual all-knowing, comprehending, down-to-earth style that I usually use… This is weird isn’t? Gives an appearance of an old-school type of story. I look at this and sometimes I wonder if I really wrote it… when I put up a different one, you’ll see what I mean.

This story also uses very common, very normal people names… something that I normally don’t use…. in other stories I have: Anasashu, Zusio, Zeal, Krim and other names that I don’t usually hear around me, I also have a tendancy of using Asian names mostly Japanese, and I think I have one or two Chinese names throwed into the mix… But oh well…

This chappie has as a smootch scene, but nothing to graphic. please take the time to drop your two cents, for I am a poor begger.

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Emanuella 1

Okay here’s the first one that I’m going to put up… the first one because it’s the only one at this point that I have typed up. It’s such a weird story that I wasn’t sure on how far I would be going with this… it was written at a time when I was trying comprehend why a female should enjoy watching two men fall in love (yaoi) and all the science behind it.

I don’t like yaoi… I find it the strangest thing I’ve ever seen… and I don’t find any squeal or appeal. But I don’t outright puke at the sight of it. I find it alright I guess but not worth buying or reading or spending any of what little precious time that I have watching it. It’s just funny to see a picture now and then, or read some crazy fan-fics they have out there pairing non yaoi-characters into seme/uke categories. I have playful conversations with my sister saying that Sasuke is an UKE and not a SEME and how Naruto is not and UKE but a SEME so on and so forth… the crazy things these fan-girls do… I mean seriously… but I’m getting seriously off topic so here we go…

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