There is nothing new under the sun

I’ve always wanted to publish a book. Always. It’s like a personal goal have…. The problem is, that I never seem to reach my personal goals. My academic goals most of the time because I need to give in assignments at a certain day or I’ll get a bad grade… so yea.. goals that are pressured on by society or someone… sometimes both. But my personal goals seem to be left behind in the dust.

Here’s an awesome article I found on book publishing: Publishing Methods

Now I don’t punish myself as much as I used to, but still I can’t help of whip myself from time to time. Because the truth is, I’m the largest procrastinator you’ve ever met. And it’s pretty sad. I never really stop dreaming and from time to time when I pick up my pen, I continue to keep attacking it… lighting that fire underneath my lazy tush. *laughs*

My first novel, “Orphan” borrows some material from other things, so I really need to revamp it a bit and add some more originality to it… (I started on that when I was in middle school when I had very little creativity) But ideas for my other stories are more original.
But ya know… sometimes people who think about drawing and writing get attacked with the insecurity that it’s impossible to come up with something all on their own, but the truth is:

“There is nothing new under the sun…”

That is something that was told to me by my history teacher. And it really opened my mind and made me realize that new ideas are really not so new after all. Brilliant stories are actually combinations of other stories. Combination of ideas. Combination of themes. Combinations of other life experiences. True creativity is being able to put together those ideas, concepts, themes and storyline to express a story in your own context. It is not paraphrasing, it is taking in those ideas and pouring it out of you through your pen in your own personal view, in your own feelings.

After all inspiration comes from other people other stories, things that already come from other existences….