My Workspace

Well I actually took these pics awhile ago, but I didn’t have the time to write up this post… XP

Wassup! Thought it’d be good, if I show you guys a bit of my workspace. Granted, it doesn’t really look at all of a professional level, but I’m sure this would be an interesting post for you guys to read through.

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Artistic Spotlight: Miyukiko

STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING: All of the artistic pieces that are presented in this post are strictly property of the respected artist. Please don’t steal their work and/or post them up anywhere else or make signatures or anything of that nature. Thank you ^_^

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Anime Tutorials

I was surfing the internet at one time looking for anime tutorials for a friend who is just getting into drawing anime and I wrote up a small document which I printed and gave out to her. Donno, I’d thought it’d be good to post it up here to whoever needs some direction on how to get started. Hope you like!