Fanfiction Index

Below I have a list of fanfiction that I have started and published out in the web. I’ll have the titles linked to the source. This is my way to keep track of everything I’ve ever written, finished or not.

♥ = complete
♣ = in-progress
◊ = unpublished (non-existant)


Shingeki no Kyojin

♥ A Pair of Dandelions
♣ An Angel’s Devotion
♥ Analogies
♥ Aesthetic
♥ Bad Luck
♥ Crush
♣ Death and the Maiden of Spring
♥ Envy
♥ Eren’s Cats
♣ Flowers and Allergies
♥ Honesty in Final Moments
♣ I Met a Witch and It’s the Strangest Thing, That’s Ever Happened to Me
♣ Immortals
♥ Kindred Spirit
Living Together
♥ Living Together: Extras
♣ Love and War
♥ Levi’s Search History
♥ Meeting at a Smash Bros Tournament
♥ Now or Never Kiss
♥ RivaMika Jam Prompt
♥ Searching for Family
♣ The Professor’s Secret


Falling Endlessly
Usually it’s the Guy
The Black Swallow-Tailed Butterfly
The Art of Manipulation
The Expatriate
Urahara’s Mysterious Box
Chocolate Oatmeal
Whose the Greatest?!
Delivery on a Snowy Day


Garden Bird
Spirit of Flight
This is How We Met
Ronin Artist
The Other Half




When the First Love Dies
In Regards to Shion Kaito
More Vocaloid Oneshots!

Pandora Hearts


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and the Choas Opal

Soul Eater

His Way of Thinking


Feudal Pokemon Tales

Final Fantasy

Zack’s Memory


Gintama vs. Bleach
The Unbreakable Chains of Fate (UBCF)
Voices I See, People I Hear (Urban Bleach)
Being out of Sober State is, Being out of Reality


Total Stories: 50
Finished: 28
In-Progress: 22
Dropped: 0


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