Dysfunctional Team Seven

Team seven is finally together again. Which is interesting to see, because it’s the type of reunion that nobody had expected. The ideal scene would most likely be a suffering and/or tearing Sasuke returning like the prodigal son having realized Tobi’s evil endeavors were selfish and endangered himself and the lives of the entire ninja world.

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Oh God it’s coming…

Muhahahahha! It’s growing yes!


I’ve spent all day working on this blog, and I’m really excited I want to keep adding more to it. But it needs some of my artwork on the other pages. I’ll see if I get around to it soon enough.

Changing the subject, oh my goodness! Naruto Shippuden is getting good! So wonderfully good!  I love the new opening and the ending is awesome too…. *squee*

I’m looking forward to Sasuke vs. Itachi! It looks so epic. I’d have to say that was one of the most shocking turnovers in the Naruto manga. I know that they will do their best to convey those instense moments and intergrate them into the anime… speaking of which seeing  Jiraya all over the place… uh… boy… yeah… I can already feel those tear jerking episodes looming over the horizon… the in-coming pressure is enough to crush me… They did it with Asuma-sensei… I can safely assume that they’ll triple triple it this time around…

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Hyuuga’s Caged Bird

 A reflection on Hyuuga Neji’s character and the philosophy of  fatalism
Hyuuga Neji

Hyuuga Neji

When I first sat down to start writing a Naruto blog post, the first topic that came up was Hyuuga Neji. It’s enough that I’ve gotten the people around me fed up with him and conciously aware of his lack of screen time in the anime AND the manga. And so, I’ve decided to honor him with a post that’s all about him…

(Oh, and just so you know, I don’t claim to be some well known expert or anything… I’m just a fan putting in my two cents on the subject)


Neji is a very interesting character right from the start when he’s first introduced in the series. He comes off as the polar oppisite of Hyuuga Hinata. A girl so sweet , caring, pure, and selfless. Then he enters; cold, selfish, tough, self-centered and tainted with hatred against his own family. He’s famous for his superiority complex, a feeling that he’s like God looking down at the rest as puny insects. But the funny thing is, that fact is, he is but a Branch member of an enslaved section of the Hyuuga family.
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Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a literary work; chapter story, one-shot, poem, drabbles–that are based on works from a popular fandom, be it a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean) a TV show, (Friends, BONES, CSI) and/or an animated series (Simpsons, Naruto) Right now I feel the longest prevailing and the strongest fandom fanfiction writing that I have found is in anime hands-down. There’s even fiction works written for korean pop bands! (That amazed me…)

Surprisingly I feel more comfortable writing fanfiction than original works which is kinda sad, sorta of… ehhh… not so much. I find it more of a practice actually… I have some issues, I usually feel I’m not really good at writing so I spend more time scribbling drafts or just writing anime fanfiction.

Write now, I’m just writing for Bleach, Naruto, and Gintama… because I’m more inspired to write for them right now… and because they’re really popular… (I’d really love to write for others like Pandora Hearts and Final Fantasy though ^_^”)

I have a link to my fanfiction profile on the side bar under my links—>
If ya like to take a little look feel free. I enjoy writing drama, and romance is a biggy. I don’t like to make it too depressing and I like to put in some comedy here and there…

Fanfiction.net (FFnet) is an awesome place. I like the changes they did to it… because before it was a pain in the butt with all those crazy flamers and plenty of users that write pre-schoolish scribbles that my baby cousin compete with in terms of content and grammar…. no seriously… But now, it’s really improved and I really like it now.. It’s been about five months that I jumped into writing again because for a while I was really out of it.

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