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I am an artistic hobbyist who enjoys writing fiction and drawing manga.


Each warrior has their taglines on how they kill.. and in the subs they really butchered the translations. I wanted to share an article that I feel did an awesome job at fixing that.



I Love Personifications of the Zodiac: Juuni Taisen

Okay so I’ve been watching sprinkling of anime here and there, and I’ve had in mind to talk about them, so let’s jump into it!

I finished watching this anime so I will review (more like ramble but yah okay) with spoilers, please don’t read if you haven’t seen this. PLEASE, you need to watch this anime the  spoilers will do you a major disservice.


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Shape of Water: It wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it’d be but it’s still REALLY great.

This is spoilery, don’t read this unless you’ve watched the movie.

After waiting a month to get the free time and money to go see it. (I lead a hectic and disorganized life) I finally FINALLY saw “Shape of Water”.

Discovering Del Toro’s genius through the movie “Crimson Peaks”, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon to see this movie. I ordered caramel popcorn–which is a first for me since my frugal self avoids spending anything but for a slush. haha.

The opening was surreal and beautiful, and alludes that the narrator tells of a legend that he personally lived to see.

The entire experience of the movie was great, and I found myself getting hyped up towards the end as Eliza was sneaking the sea creature out of the facility.

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I’m gonna kinda blog about anime, kinda.

I cannot be exactly diligent as anime blogger/reviewers are and in truth; there’s a lot out there that do enough of a job and a pretty fantastic one at that.

So, for the most part, I’m going to casually write my opinions as a long time fan of anime. Whenever I watch a show and such I’ll give my two cents if I’m in the mood to do so. It’s good timing because on my last job and the recent move I had, to yet again, a new apartment, things have been hectic and I had to stop watching things for a while.

There’s lots to catch up on, and thus, lots to talk about.

More on that in future posts. Stay tuned.


On an unrelated note, I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing, check these things out:

So uh, what’s with the white haired black/tanned people in anime?

Sooo… yeah the last time I wrote in this blog was a private personal angst venting type post from 2016…. I don’t know even know anymore.  I think I’m going to stop saying what I’m going to do because half the time I don’t keep up with my word. Haha.

Well, so there’s been something that’s been bugging me for a while. And it’s that fact that most of the time when there’s a darker skinned character showing up in anime, game or such they have either white or platinum blond hair. Or just blond hair.

Don’t get me wrong, the contrast of the skin color is pretty attractive. It’s just in the same way that I will always be awed by the beauty of dark hair against very pale skin. However, when white haired tanned dudes become the only thing you see across the board it starts to become pretty annoying.

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This blog is quickly turning into to a self-expression angst journal. Precisely the very thing the 2009-version of myself was trying to avoid.

Oh well.


While I personally enjoy and laugh my ass off at the comedy. I find it unsettling the amount of jokes that guys make solely by dressing as a woman and mocking their mannerisms.