4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I really like your life story. Hope everything works out for you from now on… I also like reading manga and watching anime… but I started too late… just started reading manga just last year, but I’m determined to catch up as I read almost everyday!

    Sorry to be off topic, I noticed we have the same blog theme, but how did you put byakuya’s pic? I wanted to put an avatar too, unfortunately, not too savvy about this kind of stuff. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m so happy you like it. I just started this blog today.

      Oh, don’t worry, um if you go under “my account” on the top panel chose “global dashboard” then you add a gravatar (place where you add an image) and once you do that, then, your dashboard on the side panel you click the drop down box of “appearance” and then click on “widgets” then it takes you to a page where you move widgets to ‘panel 1’ which are the tools that will show on your blog page. You click and drag the ‘gravatar’ widget to your panel (which has your image you uploaded) and place it in the panel. Edit your options. Then check your page and that should be that!

      I hope this helps.

      – Zerolr –

  2. Thanks very much! Welcome to wordpress! Although I’m new to this too. Just started about three months ago, I guess.

    Hmm, so what do you like to read? I like reading books at an early age, too. You can always find me in the library during elementary through college. I’m a nerd! Hahaha!

    Ah, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not the philosophical type, so I read mostly romance novels. I like history, too.

    I forgot this blog is supposed to be about you… and I’m here narrating my life story…

    Ok, hope to read blogs from you soon, esp if it’s about anime or manga stuffs. And I’ll do what I do best… spam on your blog! Hahaha!

    • You welcome! I really love your profile pic! Haruhi is awesome.
      Ummm my favorite types of books would have to be fantasy books like fairies and things like that. Romance is a big plus too. I like reading about vamps and werewolves and greek mythology, all kinds of stuff like that. I also love oriental stuff like chinese and japanese (I’m a sucker for samurai and stuff like that.) So I’m just as nerdy *laughs*

      And that’s all right, you can talk about yourself too. Feel free to spam me all you want… *laughs* I’m a huge rambler myself… (you can see how long this message is…)

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