Musings on Fiction and Fantasy

Musings on Fiction and Fantasy is a blog that I started in the summer of 2009 as a means of establishing my identity as a writer and artist. This is my little blog space where I write about my thoughts I have on stories and the like.

I mostly write about anime, as a matter of fact, anime takes up almost ninety percent of the subject matter on this blog. I sometimes review on some manga/anime that peak my interest and at times just share my personal commentary and feelings about the characters and their predicament.

As a fanfiction writer, you will find links to all of my anime fanfiction. There is mostly Bleach, Naruto, and some Gintama.

Feel free to explore the links on the sidebar. There are links to manga websites, wikies, other blogs, anime blogs, anime blogs as well as links to other profiles I have on various websites. (DevART, FF.net, Nanowrimo, etc…)

I always try to post something new. In the future, I will be posting information about my orginal stories and other nutty projects that pop into my brain.

I also enjoy artwork and work on posts that give insight on artists with awesome talent so you can look forward to that too. I am also somewhat of an artist and some of my doodles will be posted somewhere along the blog.

This blog is always changing, as I keep adding links and updating my pages. All of my posts are open for discussion and friendly debate, so if you have something to say feel free to drop a word or two.


Recent Posts

I’m gonna kinda blog about anime, kinda.

I cannot be exactly diligent as anime blogger/reviewers are and in truth; there’s a lot out there that do enough of a job and a pretty fantastic one at that.

So, for the most part, I’m going to casually write my opinions as a long time fan of anime. Whenever I watch a show and such I’ll give my two cents if I’m in the mood to do so. It’s good timing because on my last job and the recent move I had, to yet again, a new apartment, things have been hectic and I had to stop watching things for a while.

There’s lots to catch up on, and thus, lots to talk about.

More on that in future posts. Stay tuned.


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