I Love Personifications of the Zodiac: Juuni Taisen

Okay so I’ve been watching sprinkling of anime here and there, and I’ve had in mind to talk about them, so let’s jump into it!

I finished watching this anime so I will review (more like ramble but yah okay) with spoilers, please don’t read if you haven’t seen this. PLEASE, you need to watch this anime theĀ  spoilers will do you a major disservice.


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Shape of Water: It wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it’d be but it’s still REALLY great.

This is spoilery, don’t read this unless you’ve watched the movie.

After waiting a month to get the free time and money to go see it. (I lead a hectic and disorganized life) I finally FINALLY saw “Shape of Water”.

Discovering Del Toro’s genius through the movie “Crimson Peaks”, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon to see this movie. I ordered caramel popcorn–which is a first for me since my frugal self avoids spending anything but for a slush. haha.

The opening was surreal and beautiful, and alludes that the narrator tells of a legend that he personally lived to see.

The entire experience of the movie was great, and I found myself getting hyped up towards the end as Eliza was sneaking the sea creature out of the facility.

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