I Have a Tendancy of Doing a Ton of Things at the Same Time…

I originally planned to bunch this with my previous post but it grew to long, so I split it… So, here in this post I’m going to explain all things I’m getting myself entangled with lately. So read on, if you dare… *evil laugh*

Personal Projects

Vocaloid Fanfiction

I’m working on a lot of vocaloid-related projects! I have a fanfiction that is going pretty strong, it’s called When the first love Dies. And it was made with Kaito/Miku in mind, however it has the possibly for other pairings to occur. Also you can check out my other two vocaloid fanfictions I have up; In Regards to Shion Kaito and More Vocaloid Oneshots!

Pii-chan and Ollie

Even thought I’ve fought against my PoBu (plot bunnies), they have dominated me to invest my time in creating a vocaloid fan-comic called “Pii-chan and Ollie” I’ve pushed my art skills to the limits with this one, and it’s grabbing more attention than my entire art gallery combined! I’m proud to say that it’s my best demonstration of my artistic ability.

What is Pii-chan and Ollie? Well it’s a little comic that centers around two vocaloids: Utatane Piko and Oliver. They are both best friends and I make them go through a lot of shit together and respectively. LOL.

The comic’s story follows very loosely on a trail of a plot, but I have invested a lot of time to plan for a more involved storyline to develop for the future pages. And if that is not enough, I have already taken upon myself to produce a fanfiction version of this very same comic. Only because I am horrible at illustrating a storyline in manga/comic book style.

Pii and Ollie on Tumblr

I’ve also set up a tumblr for them, to personally archive the pages. This also doubles as an ask-blog in which Piko and Oliver can reply and react to questions giving by people who ask them. All the questions and such will be within the universe of the comic/storyline. So if any of this piques your interest—please, please, PLEASE, check it out, cuz you just might like it. Moving on!

The Orphan Story

I’m determined to try my best in Nano this year! I’m working my Orphan novel in which I want to have the manuscript finished by the end to this year. This is so that I can start with the major editing and whatnot. I plan to put up this novel up to read for free! I need the feedback and also get people interested in buying it once I self-publish it. It’s going to be put up on Fictionpress.com and DeviantART, perhaps here as well. I’m still deciding on that.

I do realize that I spelled the word 'Orphan' incorrectly, don't remind me...

This is a crappy cover, you don’t have to say a single word about it. I plan to redo it. I also realize that I spelled the word “Orphan” incorrectly. I was in a hurry when I placed in the words. LOL

I’m going to open up a space in my blog very much like I have done with my fanfictions about my original works, and I will start linking this story here from the outside sources. I will keep you guys updated on this as well.


I’m doing art commissions. Currently I have been given an ambitious one. I am in the mist of drafting the thumbtail sketches and working out on the character references. I also have been posted tabs on one that involves a dynamic poster. Both projects are exciting!

I can also do quick sketches for 3-5 dollars depending on difficulty. You can hit me up on my DeviantART via note on my profile at Zerolr-rm. Or on my facebook page, Zerolr – Writer and Artist More information on my commissions can be found here: Art Commission Information

That’s all for now, folks! Hope you enjoy reading this and if there is anything you like, check it out!

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