I’m going to start updating… I’m being really serious this time!

The time that I’m starting to write this post is waaaaay too late. I should be sleeping right now…BUT! My neglected blog is crying for attention. Mainly because I’ve placed so much work and have so much pride for this blog to just simply go to waste.

I simply hate to always excuse myself as I usually do in my blog/journal entries of the various sites I pertain to, explaining why I have stopped posting, etc. So instead, I’m going to jump into what I have plans to do…

Artistic Spotlight, anyone?

I’m looking to do some “Artistic Spotlight” posts and start critiquing on artwork that I love. I’m going to try to do some interesting undiscovered artists that don’t have enough spotlight, and balance it with really popular ones that I love and spark my inspiration.

If you guys know anybody that have some degree of developed talent that I can give a decent critque, please refer me to them, via DeviantART. My username is now Zerolr-RM. I give my thanks in advance.

Anime-related posts

My old laptop crashed. In it I had about seven to eight drafts of anime related posts. I talked about Gintama, Un-go, Hanasaku Iroha… and I think Blue Exorcist, I don’t remember. But WELL! What’s gone is gone, and after moping for a long while, I decided to pick myself up and start writing again.

I can’t re-write those old drafts because well they are old. So I’m just going to move on and start blogging about animes that I’m currently watching. Which is “Say I love You”, “My Little Monster” (listing the english titles, sorry), and the little Rock Lee spin-off show among several others.

I plan eventually do posts of my all-time faves like, Bleach, Blue Exorcist and Gintama because I need to talk about them on my blog. Otherwise how am I a fan if I don’t dedicate a post or two about them?! These posts aren’t really reviews but rather nicely written opinionated views of how I see certain aspects of that respective anime.

Writing topics

Yeah, I have a couple of those in mind. I want to talk about character sterotypes and the different types of male/female protagonists as well as the important factors that allow a plot to progress. Just so you know, I am in no way a expert writer. But I do like to talk about writing, so that is what I will do. I hope will enjoy these as well…

Posts about the Fandom/Otaku world

Doing these will be fun. I plan to talk about how Tumblr sucked me in, and how that microblogging site has turned into a haven for shrines of different fandoms. The difference between a crazy fangirl and a sane fangirl, (There is a difference!), and a post explaining different types of dere; like Tsundere, yandere etc, etc.

And there is one post that I would really love to write about. And it’s the art of shipping couples. As in rooting for your favorite relationship in a fandom. I noticed after years of being an anime fan that I have a tendancy to ship certain couples, because of the nature of the relationship between them. I’ve decided to write about that as well.

SO! Please look forward to things like these in the near future, I will do my best to keep each of the posts filled with pictures, and witty language to keep you guys interested. If there is anything in particular in what I mentioned that you would like me to talk about; just drop a comment. xD

That’s all I have for now! 😀


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