Terrible Hurricanes… the new norm?

The week before hurricane Sandy would come and hit our area in Northeast NJ, my father stocked up on food, bottles of water, packed his flashlights with new batteries and braced himself for the worst.

Personally after having lived through Irene last year, I felt it was going to be something of similar damage. I’m currently living in Passaic NJ, a small traverse town settled between Garfield, Clifton and Paterson. It’s more inland and since I was wasn’t living in Garfield but with my father in Passaic; I wasn’t worried as much as I could have been with Irene.

Because with Irene, I lived in Garfield in an apartment that was a block away from River Road–a street that ran alongside the Passaic River. The whole street was flooded and both bridges nearby were closed…

Here I thought,

“It can’t be that bad because at least I don’t live near the river.”

Come Monday night. Both my sister and I were sitting in the living room. She was on her iTouch and I was drawing on a large sketch pad—she keeped up with the newsfeed in the social networks and I was entertaining myself with some music playing from the laptop.

The lights flickered once. My sister and I just looked around but it was only for a second. We continued chatting. Looking out side seeing how strong the winds were blowing. We looked at the waving wires the leaves blowing everywhere.

The lights flickered again. My sister checked the router and saw that it was starting up again. Everything was normal. I didn’t want to imagine that we would lose power, I prayed that it would be normal. However, when the lights started flicking again, around 8:30, the lights when off, and it stayed that way…

It’s Sunday afternoon while I work on this blog entry and I still don’t have power at my place. After the hurricane passed a terrible cold settled in. There’s no heating and for the pass two nights, I can’t sleep because it’s so cold. I sleep into the mornings because it starts getting warmer around that time.

I’ve been in and out artblocks, working on random things and missing out on Nanowrimo (again.) And so one of the things that I’ve begun to contemplate is… what will happen next year?

Will this be a new norm for us? To expect killer hurricanes every fall season? The cities in this area aren’t built to withstand things like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. We don’t get those kinds of things. Our buildings are old and built on top of each other.

We get a stronger hurricane we’ll be destroyed. And I love NJ. I love my hometown. I was born and raised here, and there are so many places that hold sentimental importance for me.

So what now? Should I be this worried? Should I contemplate on moving elsewhere, is my worries a simple exaggeration? What do you think?
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On a more light hearted note, I’ve browsed DeviantART as I usually do, and looked up some works done relating to the events of Hurricane Sandy. It was interesting what I found. But what stuck out the most is this piece:

hurricane Sandy personified

If there is something I just love with a passion artistically, is the personification of inanimate things/objects. I saw this and I was like…. wow.

Before I go any further with my critique, this beautiful piece was done by a deviant artist named Seaoffireflies. If you desire to look through her artwork, please do. Just click on her username, which of course is linked to her profile, and browse through her gallery.

What I love most about this image, is the frustrated facial expression that Sandy has. The wavy unkept hair, and the light color for her tearing eyes, added on to the expression gives it a very eerie yet melancholy vibe.

If I were to imagine Sandy personified, it would not be a delicate female, hell bent on destruction… but rather a female with a rather tough aggressive demeanor with a touch of dreariness.

And this is just what the artist created.

Sandy was a strange storm, she rammed head first into Jersey and planned to breeze through Pennsylvania, and up to the other northern states. She seemed to carry this determination, to just get as far as she can under any circumstance, drowning towns in the process.

I see this and I am reminded of that. It even makes me want to feel for her. To wonder what she had wanted if she were human. Where did she want to go? But that’s just me; I always let my imagination get the best of me…

And so, since we are living in generation populated by memes and comical internet images, there was a bunch of pictures and memes, comically portraying puns of the hurricane with the Spongebob character; Sandy the Squirrel.

This one is one of my favorites:

Sandy Newpaper

This image was created by xX-Zombie-WolfehXx another deviant artist. I love how Sandy is just coming out from the background enraged. It just makes me chuff everytime. XD

Well, that’s all I have for you guys this time. I hope you don’t mind these long blog posts. I will try to split them the next time around. Until next time!

EDIT: We finally have power back after eight days. There was plumbing issues afterward, but those were fixed in the pass following weeks. My life is coming back to normal, and along with is my creativity. 🙂


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