Funfest 2013—Here I come!!!

Every year around September in a small little city called Hazleton, PA (USA); there is this end of the year fair where people crowd the streets and there are booths that sell all kinds of stuff. It’s really exciting and one of the few highlights that I enjoyed when I lived there. One of the things that stood out to me, was the booths that sold homemade crafts, wooden clocks and all kinds of unique stuff!

Since then, I’ve always been interested in opening up my own booth and sell my posters and artwork. But you really can’t get much motivation if you do it by yourself you know? So one day the topic popped up in one of my IM sessions with my best friend, Tachi, and we decide to collab and do the project together, we even got another friend from college aboard on the project. We will be aiming to make our things for the 2013 Funfest.

I’m so excited!

All of the artwork that will be created for this project, won’t be uploaded anywhere online. I’m going to keep of them off the radar until further notice. That way their image won’t get downloaded or copied by any anons out there. After funfest however, I will be uploading them to the general public for all the see.

The type of art that I will create will be different from what I usually make, since I will be molding it to be for general audience, things like: Fairies, Disney characters, and other mainstream themes that will catch the eyes of people outside of the anime/manga fandom.


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