Just gotta keep working…

This blog is starting to resemble my neglected diary. But I want to get back on this once more. So, I’m writing this post to keep up to date with it. And possibly build some necessity to keep writing. I’ve been going through a lot and have set several endeavors for myself.

I feel like I need so much more strength and will power to get those things done, because whenever I try, the walls rise higher, in order to prevent me from jumping over. But I’m determined because I virtually see nothing else for myself.

I feel like I’m getting older, like I’m wasting away, like I’m wasting time. It’s only when I’m working without a care in the world that I feel that time itself stands still.

So that’s what I will do, I’m just going to keep working. I feel really happy when I keep myself busy. I’ll see how it goes…

I want to get back on my fanfictions again, but when I think about it, I am reminded of the novel I want to finish…. ahhh I do anything but that don’t I?


4 thoughts on “Just gotta keep working…

  1. Tell me about it… its even harder when your juggling work on top of that as well. then its even harder to work on stuff. But yep, you just keep yourself busy hun. And get to work on that novel! (or… you know, another AoM update wouldn’t go amiss either ^^) but just do what makes you happy.

    I know I’m escaping into my own little writing world a lot more often lately…

    • Thanks for the comment, omg, I haven’t been on this blog in forever! But I’m coming back because I’m going to revamp it a bit. Make it look more like my own lol.

      But yeah, I keep putting AoM off, and I shouldn’t that and other things… but I’ve just took paper and wrote on shapie pen, the thinking I need to get done in HUGE letters XDDD. So everytime I sit down I will be remind on what to do. XDDDD

  2. We need to change our type of thinking, if we keep thinking of the negative that will only bring negative we must change our beliefs even if we are having a hard time. Anyway I wish you the best!. BTW this is Wendy.

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