Omg! First post from my BB!

Yooooo, call me left behind on technology, but this is the first post I ever wrote from a smart phone; a blackberry to be exact.Okay, here’s the story… I was at my cousin’s house the one day when I accidentally dropped my old phone into a bucket of water. It wasn’t too shallow mind you, however it was enough to put it into a permanent veggie state.

I called my sister feeling quite miserable however she consoled me saying, “That phone falling in that bucket was a blessing…” Now a week later I bought a Blackberry Curve. And indeed, I really don’t regret it…

Now moving on… Real life has yanked me out of all of my personal projects. I’ve moved to back near my home town. My promised employment wasn’t so promised and my living space has moved from tiny to cramped…

But well, I’m trying to look at every thing in a positive manner… I do have hopes of once again starting up on my projects, and now with my BB I can post things more easily and more often.


2 thoughts on “Omg! First post from my BB!

  1. hmm, ya now, I dont think I even realised you could do that on a blackberry. But then again I don’t even have a smartphone… omg I feel so behind on the times!

    Eeeecch… promised employment… its quite sad fact that its not definite promised employment until you’ve signed the contracts and its in writing. It sucks. But hopefully you’ll find work somewhere. maybe you can try an agency or something?

    Anyway, I’m glad your settling over there well. And since your gonna be away from the computer for a bit – watch for some postage coming your way. Not now obviously, but when I put stuff together. I’m guessing you won’t be too busy for a bit of mail coming, ne? Cuz I have stuff for you.

  2. Hey! Good to see you’re still updating your blog. I’ve been busy for a while so this is my first time to visit your blog again. The last time I was here, you were about to go to University. So, how was it?

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