Indeed, What Have I Been Doing?

Indeed Indeed…

Well, I’ve neglected this blog, because I was trying to do lots of things at one time. But I’m gonna try to organize myself for the fifty-millionth time. I have plans to start my Writer’s group, which I called “Bite the Moon” but there’s a lot of things to work out before I can put it online for the world to see. I have a dear friend of mine that’s gonna work with me on terms of running it. So we’ll see how that goes.

So it’s been since the summer that I have really gotten into writing fanfics. And I have been spending the past months since then working on my artwork. I’ve gotten better, with details of the hair and eye facial features, and I can even dare say my shading has improved as well.

So this here, is one of my oldest original characters, Raven. I drew this picture as a practice after I saw a video about drawing. I’ve adopted some of the artist’s quirks and I learned yet a new way to draw the details in the eyes. My guys are starting to look like girls. Which can be viewed as either a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.

I worked on his story for Nanowrimo last year. And I didn’t get so far, however I did start to like how I began to re-write the story, so I do intend to continue it. The title of Raven’s story is “The Orphan Story” I do plan to post information about this story in the future. One of the many pages I plan to add. And since I know that everything I write is subjected to copyright law, so I shall shake off my fear and share information about it to the world. LOL.

Manga-wise, I’ve been up-to-date with Bleach but I’m left behind in Naruto. I have wanted to up-date with opinions about the EPIC ending to the Karakura town arc in Bleach. OMG. Zangestu. OMG. I do plan to look up those chapters and spit some of my reviews regardless. This blog needs more interesting posts besides these talking about updates and such.

So, since I’ve been into drawing, I’ve have urges to work on my own comic/manga. I’d like to call it ‘manga’ but since I’m American, it wouldn’t be called ‘manga’, now would it? Well any-who… “Zero Gravity” is the biggest manga/story project I’ve been dabbling here and there since April of last year. One of my goals is to start drawing the pages for it sometime this year. But there is still a lot to go on that regard. Hikaru Averill is the original character for ZG depicted in this second picture. And I drew him with the bamboo wacom tablet I bought on Black Friday last year. I was pretty psyched. It took me a while for me to get used to it though.

I like the most recent design of this blog, I’m using the Duster WordPress theme. I love it and I believe that I’m gonna stick with it and just change the background for variety. Because I was just looking for a theme that I can customize, because changing themes is tedious and time-consuming.

Well, all in all. I working to update MFF at least weekly with more informative posts about anime, writing, and much much more!


3 thoughts on “Indeed, What Have I Been Doing?

  1. Eeee OMG the writers group! Are you doing the technical stuff cuz you know how I fail with wordpress. I get so confused. So will I just be in charge of the content and mod-ing about the place?

    Lol, I was there when all that creative stuff mentioned above happened~ That is a lot of creative stuff. And just think, so much can happen in a few months ^^ (excluding that November XDDD we both kinda failed then, ugh only 6 chapters got done by both of us)

    I can’t wait to read the rest of Orphan or ZG. I would do a big project like that but you are better at drawing/doing manga panels than I am. Plus I have CherryxTsuku books to write that I am in love with and that is what I’m doing atm.

    • Yes my dearie, I’m doing all the complicated formatting stuff. Don’t even sweat it ^_^. I’ll be setting up the design, look and feel of the blog. Yup, if you noticed, I changed your role to Editor in the blog. With that you have permissions to edit/change/delete every single page/post that everyone makes on the blog. I think you can do some other things too, but I can’t remember right off the bat. Of course any feedback you want to give me about colors and appearance any opinons you have about the blog in general, that you don’t know how to pull through you just let me know and see what could be done.

      I don’t want to overwhelm you with so much. Remember, if you have any questions about anything, you can always ask me. I feel that having you as the Editor role works better because you have a lot of flexablity but you aren’t bombarded with all these extra stuff. (… and I spent time reading the help section of WordPress and they suggested on only have one Admin person, so I’m gonna go with what they say…)

      We’ll just take it a step at a time and see how it goes. As of right now, I’ll sketch a diagram of how it’s to look like. I’ll let you know when I mapped out my ideas more clearly and I’ll pass it to you for review. You don’t have to say much, just looking it over for me is just fine. ^_^

      Awwwwwwww~ thankies! I’m really excited about those two stories. I do hope that I’ll be able to pull off drawing pages for ZG. Since I’m working it to be somewhere in the Steampunk/fantasy genre, it’s gonna be hard to draw (LOL flying ships! How in the world am I gonna draw that?! lamo!) But, I’m determined to try my hardest, but I’m also gonna write a novel version if all else fails… (I would write it reguardless though.)

      • Ahh~ thats alright then ^__^ its just the formating stuff that I don’t really know about, otherwise I would help with that part. But my brain died just reading it. But, I’ll do my part with everything else once its all set up. (Although I have to like the colour scheme though, I will do anything for you as long as I like the colour scheme. I can design something for it maybe… we need a picture for the group and I need an excuse to draw stuff)
        Ohh we can have regular features and stuff too! Ah this is all very exciting! And it will be a friendly group with nice people. *daydreams about a better writing group experience than she had in the past*
        Did you want me to write up a set of rules too? I mean we might not need it, but rules for posting etc. will help us run thigs better and make it fairer if we have to delete posts. Or you can write a list of what we need and I will work on some of them.

        Ah yeah, don’t overwhelm me too much. But yeah, send me your ideas over and I’ll go over them. I like my new position as your second, I get to do all this stuff… cuz like I said I’ll do whatever I can.
        I know its gonna be a while before everything is up and running properly, but once we’re all set up we can always make changes as we go along if we need to.

        Oh yes ZG! I can’t wait. I suggest going off to research the steampunk genre and seeing how they do it. lol, I have no idea how to draw flying ships. Just see how it goes though, and like you said – if all else fails, make a book out of it. I’ll read it if nobody else does.

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