At the moment…

Well I’m updating this blog with a post because this blog need updating. And also because I’m at work and I really would rather do something else besides my own work


I’m going to give the greenlight for the writer’s group project. I have a very close friend that I’m working side-by-side on this. I’ve put it on hold for now, because as much as I wish, I don’t seem to have enough leisure time to do things like I used to.

I’ve gotten my hands on a bamboo tablet. It’s really fun but fustrating to use at the same time. But suppose it will get better as I practice more with it.

The only anime I’ve been watching lately is “Tegami Bachi” and the only manga I’ve been reading is “Bleach”. I was reading “Blade of the Immortal” and I do mean to get back to it, because it’s very good.

I’ve been contemplating on collecting manga scans too. Mind you, I collect the mangas itself. But it’s hard to get the ones I like, I hate to ship them to my apartment because it’s locked and UPS and FEDX can’t come in the building to leave the box there. TT_TT

I still want to buy the manga books, as I love to see them buildup on my book shelf ^///^

As for my fanfictions, I feel so bad that I lag so damn much between updates. But that’s life. What am I gonna to? I have my Orginal novels, ideas for comics, doujinshis, and comic collaboration group that I’m part of, and now this Writer’s group thing I’m trying to set a float.

Yup yup! It’s a lot of stuff. But I’m very aching to get back to my little fanfiction world right now. I’ve opend up another DA account but it’s to put in my fanfics that are already in FFnet. I want to expose my fics to another readerbase and see what kind of feedback I will get.

I do mean to continue and work everything you see listed in my Fanfiction Index. It’s just as I get to it. And please if anything, just leave a lil’ old comment, here or in my DA account or email me, or whatever. I don’t bite, honest ^^;


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