Nanowrimo progress

Okay now, my Nano progress this year is horrible, but it’s the farthest I’ve gone in any nano I’ve done actually.

This would be my third year doing Nano. But I had hoped that I’d do better than this.


On my first week I was very determined, as I sought to reach 10,000 words by Saturday. The draft immediately started off choppy and overly ansty. I was disgusted. In other words I didn’t like what I was writing. I felt it was fake, but it was possibly because I wasn’t able to really settle down and get into the writing

How can I? If my job is working me too much for me to have the proper time that I would need to write a decent draft. But since I’m determined to reach my goal, I’ve established a self nano-rule: Write and don’t look back no matter what.

So by the end of the first week, I reached about 7,300 something words. Which wasn’t bad actually if in theory I kept on writing but I didn’t. Week two of Nano, I didn’t write anything. NOTHING. Very very bad if you ask me. But I was sleep deprived and totally uninspired.

I started working on some other stuff, browse about some artwork, and write a chapter on a pokemon fic. (LOL how random is that?!?)

So on week 3 progress wasn’t so desirable either, I manged to write about 1,700 words one day and 300 words on another. That boosted my count to about 11,000 something words.

Meh, however now at this point my feelings towards my draft have changed. I really like some parts. During the days I didn’t write anything, I scribbled down some notes and revamped entirely how the story starts off.

For the previous four times I wrote the draft for this novel, I started off with some anonymous monologues between Raven, and his mother Soluna. But I scrapped all that this time and back up the timeline to the summer before Raven was adopted. I also added some characters from my other unwritten original stories. In my mind, they’re just making “cameos” nothing major.

I gave a little more thought to the minor characters such as the Asian restaurant owner. He didn’t even have a name, so I gave him one and designed a general appearance for him. It turns out that I’ve come to like him very much!


The thing I’m still not liking is that I’m using very little descriptions for the characters when they’re introduced. It’s like an on-and-off battle I’m having with myself because if I describe everything, I feel that it throws off the “flow” of my storyline. That I would “interrupt” the flow of conversation, and or storyline with paragraphs describing details. So I’ve tried to make it concise as possible with out being too choppy.. meh.. I guess I’ll worry about that when I start revising it.

For week four, I’ll try to do what I can to get my word count up there, and progress my storyline further cuz I want to get to the meat of the story already! >w<


Most of the writing I'll probably do over thanksgiving holiday, though. I'mma try to knock off 10,000 words *crosses fingers*

I want to at least reach 40,000. I think I'll be thrilled if I do. If I don't. Meh.


2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo progress

  1. “Don’t try to be better than anyone else. Try to be better than yourself.”

    I am not doing well this nano either – damn real life. But oh well, so long as we both stick to our stories and actually finish em eventually it doesn’t matter. But remember I want that finished MS from you someday Zero…

    My descriptions are fine everywhere else except in my novels – where they suck. You have to remember to describe everything – all the scenery, the characters actions, their tones of voice. I know you find this hard since you like to abuse the dialogue (very much so XD). But keep at it. Just describe everything – its far easier to cut stuff you don’t need than to work new stuff into the scenes.

    PS – LOL, you wrote a pokemon fic?! Very random indeed…

    • LOL yes… a pokemon fic. An idea for one come out when I was stuck at work with extra time. I get anxious when I have free time at work and I can’t take advantage of it. And when I don’t have any notes for my previous stories with me, I come up with something new…

      You’re right… better to cut back than to add in. Yosh! I’ll keep that in mind. ^_^

      Oh yes!!! You’ll be the first to get my MS when it’s finished!

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