My Workspace

Well I actually took these pics awhile ago, but I didn’t have the time to write up this post… XP

Wassup! Thought it’d be good, if I show you guys a bit of my workspace. Granted, it doesn’t really look at all of a professional level, but I’m sure this would be an interesting post for you guys to read through.

I live in a small studio apartment. It isn’t a five-star condo, but it’s cozy and warm. (Too warm on some days…) And it’s my first place in which I’m starting to live on my own.

zerolr's workspace

Tadaaa~ I have a table because I hate those small computer desks that they sell in the stores and as of right now, I can’t afford those pricey large work desks. I love that computer but it can be a bitch sometimes. Her name is Seraphine. No seriously that’s the actual name I gave it! *laughs* And there’s’ the printer in which I scan my stuff in. Her name is Happy, LOL…

I have a lot of crap, and most of my art supplies (which I almost never use) is in the white plastic drawers. My prismas, scattered on the table and my book-stand that I use to type up stuff. I don’t have that chair, I got rid of it…. I’m using another one. I wanna swivel chair TT_TT

And underneath the table I have…

… my mangas and video games… hehe… I need to buy a new bookcase to put them in, because the one I have is stuffed as you can see here:

I have all kinds of crap there… college books, dictionaries, a really big thesaurus some Shounen Jump magazines… etc etc.

Now, I don’t kid when I say that work on stories all the time. To be honest, I write more than draw artwork. Although recently I’ve just been drawing… I’m just an organizational freak when it comes to my papers and such, so I keep everything I write in binders. So then, I can find them when I want to get back to working on them. Well, I can explain all I want, but pictures can do a better job explaining things so lemme just show you:

That’s where I keep all the fanfictions I’m working on. Recently I’ve bought more to divi up where I put my original works because soon enough I’m gonna start working on it… Oh and if for any AoM readers here’s a pic of the Chapter 14 I’m typing up to update…

Well, that’s all I’ve got to show folks. Hope you guys like!

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