This is Where I’m Hiding…

As of late I’ve become a complete DevArt Addict.

For anybody who doesn’t know what the heck I’m talking about, there’s this social artist community called “DeviantART”. I’ve been part of it for almost two years I think.

For artists young and old, experienced and rookies… it’s perfect and extremely helpful. It’s global so you see artwork from people around the world. I’ve learned so much from that place, you have no idea. It’s also very inspirational. Of course like every social type of website it has it’s trolls and whatnot, but it’s not bad if you ignore them or cause trouble.

A lot of people are active on the website so you usually get replies quickly to your comments and faves. I’ve made some friend and found friends I already knew in real life on the website. It’s just a couple of month ago that I’ve been sucked badly into it and it’s taking so much time away from me. But that’s because I watch a lot of people and I comment on like everybody’s freakin’ art. I’m such a damn chatterbox it’s ridiculous… seriously.

DeviantART is my Facebook. If you find me there and drop a comment be assured that you’ll get a reply within 5 hrs or less. XDDDDD

Here’s link to my profile there: Nevaresor’s DeviantART profile


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