Hello there…

It’s been a while hasn’t it since I’ve last updated? To be honest, I’ve been a bit disorganized. A lot has happened since my last post. I’ve made some tough decisions, finally gotten a job. Things of that nature. Well, I’m just updating to let what ever readers I have, know that I haven’t forgotten this little corner I have here. Here’s some changes and things to look forward here in this blog:

  • More cover illustrations for my fanfics
  • Artistic Spotlight post(s)
  • A new fanfiction section for misc fandoms
  • The fanfic rec section
  • My stories section, will be adding info, just can’t decide which ones yet…
  • Some posts talking about some anime and manga I’ve been watching, Soul Eater, Blade of the Immortal, etc…
  • More of my Naruto/Bleach rants
  • Post talking about my workspace
  • Updating some old sections such as “My aliases” and “About” sections
  • More of my artwork in general

I’m determined to be more dedicated and work steadily on my things. Right now I need to organize myself a little bit because I feel a little chaotic right now… My life was begining to spiral out of my control, but now I feel like I’m grabbing the reins once again. Nothing too serious, so no worries ^_^


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