Surprise, Surprise…

For the past few days laziness has overpowered me and rendered me useless. Luckily the days have been cooling off a tad bit which is quite a relief. However, yesterday I’ve spend all my free time sleeping… LOL… ah… but picked myself long enough to finish a b-day present I’ve been eagerly working for my dear friend Wolfy-chan aka “thedrunkenwerewolf”

Here is the finished product of my hard work, her beloved character Jaques:


Jaques (c) thedrunkenwerewolf

Based this off off her sketch: Jaques sketch

I tried my best to maintain her original style, as in the way she keeps the eyes rounded and the mouth with that sly mirk. ^_^ I had a lot of fun doing so and I even colored the damn thing! Yes! I actually colored something! Well, I do hope I did him justice… Wolfy-chan if you’re reading this, take the picture, it’s yours! Do whatever you want with it! Oh and if you’re wondering what are those hearts are; they’re the squeals of rabid fan-girls, because I’m sure he’s to have his fair share of them *laughs*


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