Time for a Change?!

It really sucks that I can’t go online everyday like used too… because I really would like to work on this blog more often. There’s so much stuff I still want to do with it…

Now… I’m wondering, is it time for me to change the layout of this blog? I donno, I’ve grown so comfortable with it, but at the same time I’m getting bored. I like how I have everything set up, but I’m constantly worried about the small print and how people may have trouble reading white on black… For me, I love reading black on white, I rather do so than the other way around. The whiteness blinds me (LOL).

I’ve been looking at different layouts… but then I come back to the point where I wonder, why am I condering this? I like my layout… but I’m getting bored….. ahhhh…. I’m stuck….


2 thoughts on “Time for a Change?!

  1. LOL, I go through the same phase like you and always end up coming back to my favourite theme, MistyLook.

    In the end, I just bought the CSS upgrade to personalise it a bit from the rest.

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