The Me as of Late

My dear Readers,

I am suffering from the lack of internet right now, which is why I haven’t been able to work on this blog as much as it pleases me. But I always keep this little corner of refuge in mind as well and my tiny circle of readers.

( I know I have readers… because I get hits… I know it, I know it…)

As usual I’m working way too much for my own good but I think it’s addictive and if I don’t have anything to work on… I feel completely and utterly useless… but that’s just me. I’m doing my script for script frenzy… and when I get blocked on that, I turn to my fanfictions… but this script is really taken much of my time.  The college semester is going to start Wendsday and I’m dreading it. I want to put it off a couple of more days… but you can’t turn back the hands of time, they say… or freeze it for that matter…..

Argh! I wanna see my bleach… for now I’m just satisfied with reading the manga but I want to be up-to-date with the anime *cries*  Man… that’s so much I wanna do and not much time to do it… sucks… but don’t worry I’m not complaining too too much. The only thing I’m pissing about is my internet… I miss having internet at my home… aw! This sucks!


2 thoughts on “The Me as of Late

  1. Hi! I guess you’re having moments of internet-withdrawal symptoms! Hahaha! I haven’t been using the pc for a while now, too. But mostly because I got too busy reading the books I bought this month.

    Are you nervous about college? Don’t be! Remember just to enjoy every moment of it, even the most boring lectures! You will remember it fondly someday! Aw, I’m talking like I’m soo old!

    Anyhoo, I’ve been taking a rest with my manga reading and anime watching, what did I miss? I think I’m sooo late with Bleach. But then, I want to collect the episodes so I can just watch them in one go! That way, I can just watch them all day, instead of waiting for the next ep.

    I’ll try to drop by again later, bye!

    • Yes… I really am. You don’t realize how dependant you are until it just slips away from your fingers *laughs*. But I’m starting to get used to it now, though, I’m always feeling uncomfortable because I’m so used to lasting for hours on end on my PC and with others there is always that time limit….

      With school and etc stuff is not letting me get into reading but I’m hoping to collect the books I wanna dive into in the summer. Also, I was pondering on getting some kind of electronic reader so I can buy books online. Donno what kind I want.. but those are some thoughts in the future.

      As for anime, I donno if you read the bleach manga updates or if you are a strictly the anime watcher… but the bleach manga is to DIE for! Seriously. As for the bleach anime, I’m left behind too…. I’m also trying to find that moment to watch all I need in one shot too *laughs* Where I’m at they’re still with the filler arc… but the Muramasa/Zanpakuto arce already ended and stared with the Aftermath of it all. In my opinion it’s rather interesting because I enjoy seeing the zapakuto continue to interact with their respective owners.

      I started reading this manga called “Otomen” omg, omg, omg it’s so good and cute! And then flipping to the other end of the scale I started reading “Frankein Fran” it’s funny with it’s share of gore stuff. But it’s a very interesting manga it’s acutally a seinen manga…. and I think I’m staring to like seinen manga.

      “Bakuman” is good too because it really shows you the process of how manga artist works and stuff and the storyline is good/cute/hiliarious — the two protagonists are so entertating to follow along! The creaters of Deathnote are behind that manga… so it’s good if you want to follow their work. It’s totally different than Deathnote it carries a different feel… but I like it.

      And that’s all for my extermely long ramble. Catch you later I guess ^_^”

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