Heroically, Heroic?!

I donno if people care about reading my opinions on the Naruto manga… ahh… but I need to vent it somewhere right?! Even though at times (which is most of the times) I sound like a complete goof ball *laughs*

Chapter 488 caused several different reactions for me so I can’t really just point at one aspect of it like I usually do cuz when talking about chapters because there’s so much to talk about! First thing’s first… I was really happy to see all of Naruto’s friends… I was getting kinda tired of just seeing Naruto’s face all the time and the whole Naru-needs-to-fight-Sasu-but-friendship-and-all… it was like a break to see other faces again.

LOL yes it’s complete with commentary… lame I know *laughs*… Seriously I was SO happy to see Neji I was just internally freaking out, I have a fixation on him don’t ask me why but I really really like him a lot… He’s one of the reasons I’m still reading Naruto… ahhaha… I was glad that I saw him.. and I was really enjoying Kiba’s input even from the beginning of the chapter. It’s like reminding me how Kiba is like from the child series…

Shikamaru is also one of my huge faves and his input pretty well targeted. What I like about him the most is that he’s cold-minded… he has a heart but he has that skill of putting his feelings aside and focus on the situation and Naruto really NEEDS some of that skill… he’s acting like he’s the only one suffering…seriously. I know they’re best friends and all, but everybody had thing for Sasuke… he was admired and evied he was “that” guy that nobody talked to but knew. Neji tried to pick a fight with him in the Chunin exams so did Rock Lee… etc etc… I feel that Naruto shouldn’t be so closed off… maybe not be totally open, but he can’t be that shut off from everybody else. Being like that didn’t help Sasuke… so why copy?! Donno, maybe I shouldn’t be shunned for being so harsh to Naruto… ahh… well donno…

Imagine my reaction… a small panel decided to him *faints* He says nothing special just magnifing Shikamaru’s point: Naruto is being soft-hearted. Gaara who is GAARA cried because he knew that he had to fufill his role as Kazekage, but it pained him to see someone as lost as he was refusing to turn back wanting to keep his back turned and wanting to keep walking into his “darkness”. Ahh yeah…

Damnit Naruto!!! Answer his question!!! All of his friends look honestly interested at this point I know that they won’t shunn his feelings I really think they would take it into concideration… heck maybe they’ll make him feel better! They’re all his friends they all got his back… he shouldn’t be like this… ugh… In the end, I don’t think none of them won’t ever know.. but cause he’s the cool solo hero that will heroically sacrifice his life for the sake of the village and his friends the one who dreamed of being Hokage someday *gags* Oh COME ON!!!

Quit being so cheezy… please Naruto… I like you as a character but you’re being so riduculous… I hope he opens his eyes… I really want to…


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