Dysfunctional Team Seven

Team seven is finally together again. Which is interesting to see, because it’s the type of reunion that nobody had expected. The ideal scene would most likely be a suffering and/or tearing Sasuke returning like the prodigal son having realized Tobi’s evil endeavors were selfish and endangered himself and the lives of the entire ninja world.

Team 7

But instead I’m seeing that Sasuke is really a bad guy and it looks like he’s not going to change. And you know what? I find this a very interesting situation. I like this a lot. So yes, I’m not in the groups of fangirls squealing for Sasuke’s return no—I want to see what really happens to a Sasuke that walks without turning back. Much like Orchimaru who changed and never took back his actions. If he dies by Naruto’s hands; indeed will this really happen?

This really shows that no matter what you do, you can’t change a person unless he/she wants to. I will very disappointed if Sasuke converts back. For me that will be kind of cheesy and cliché.


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