Artistic Spotlight: Miyukiko

STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING: All of the artistic pieces that are presented in this post are strictly property of the respected artist. Please don’t steal their work and/or post them up anywhere else or make signatures or anything of that nature. Thank you ^_^

Hello readers, back again with another view into the artistic world. Today the spotlight will focus on Miyukiko, one of the many artists found on I’ll just take a look through a couple of Miyu’s many pieces. Interested in browsing through her gallery? Click on the link to her deviant profile page.

Please visit: Miyukiko’s Deviant Page

Miyukiko’s talent is made up of hard work and persistence. That being said, an artist usually isn’t a prodigy capable of producing epic pieces in a blink of an eye. There is a lot of learning, help from others as well as support. One of most notable traits in Miyu’s artwork is her blurry watercolor style that is used in a lot of her colored pieces.

Abandon the World

Abandon the World by Miyukiko

Abandon the World depicts a forlorn-looking maiden clinging on to a grotesque skull located in a cave-like skull graveyard. The mouth of the demonic skull is over flowing with disembodied parts. The eyes of the maiden are dazed as she looks on without focus. Wearing a violet kimono that cascades about the skull, her long silver hair is strung up in different directions.

This picture gives off a feeling, I can describe as a “melancholy release”. Letting go surrounded in area of death but necessarily not being a bad thing. Expressing a theme of haunting beauty in place filled with disagreeable things. A contrast between the two elements transcends beautifully fulfilling the title of the piece the viewer able to catch the abandonment of the maiden into a world that is fill with hopelessness.

The colors bleed into each other creating a surreal dream-like affect that enables one to catch on to the mood that is being transmitted to the viewer.

Gintama Kamui by Miyukiko

Gintama Kamui by Miyukiko

Kamui is a character in Hideaki’s anime/manga “Gintama”. He also happens to be one of my favorites. So naturally I would pick this XD. Kamui is character that wears a mask of innocence that hides his nature; the instinct to engage in battle and bloodshed. In this picture Miyu has the movement captured perfectly and the eyes are clear catching the killing instinct that is expressed clearly in them. I love how the bandages are loosened, and I can imagine that he is finally revealing the face that had been covered for his confrontation. The umbrella is raised and poised to strike but not in the way of his face. In total it is a wonderful piece and one of my favorites in Miyu’s gallery.

Zelda Link by Miyukiko

LoZ - Link by Miyukiko

Legend of Zelda is one of my most favorite video games of ALL time. I basically grew up with the LoZ franchise—but that’s beside the point. Miyu caught wonderfully the woodland in which the games are based on. Epona (Link’s horse) is silhouetted in the background as Link sits on a tree stump on the edge of a footpath to play a quick tune on the ocarina. And again, her watercolor style captures the surrealism in this scene, his fairy Navi gliding towards him in a curious manner, trees and the rest of the greenery that surrounds him.

Ah and so comes the end of my post. I hope that you have enjoyed what you’ve seen. If interested, visit Miyu’s gallery, or you can watch her on livestream when she’s online. Well, that’s it for me!

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