I’m trying so very hard to keep on track with my school work… but I’m burning so bad with the need to work on the fanfics. I’m currently trying to type everything that I’ve written for now.

And I’m looking to expand adding more blog pages under the “my fanfictions” sections… ahhh so much to do.. but I really like working on this stuff wahhhh… *gets shot*

I spent this weekend typing up the 13th chapter of AoM which is like 35 pages long front and back, I have seven pages left now *victory dance* I’ve yet to proofread and check for grammer issues… I’ve noticed that my writing style is too wordy. But when I cut it out make it more concise it looks so… naked? O_o

As for this blog, there’s two more “Artistic Spotlight” posts I wanna do, which I think I’ll try to accomplish before the end of this week… >w< Uwah they’s so awesome… they really make me want to keep drawing… I keep imagning how my own art style would look like after much pracitce… uwah.. really can’t wait till I can reach that level… *sighs*

Well that’s all I got for now, just wanted to post something just keep this blog updated, I guess.


One thought on “Typer-happy

  1. Wow, just reading all you’re planning to do makes me tired! But don’t forget to rest once in a while. You might get burned out! Eh, is that the right word? Haha, anyway, it’s late so I’ll sleep for now. Talk to you later!

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