Procrastination kills

Procrastination and distraction are twin demons that double team me to drag me down heartlessly and after they let me go.. it’s almost too late to catch up… it happens like most of the time.  I’ve put in mind that this semester I won’t let them get the best of me.

Ahh well besides that . Everything is going alright I guess. The classes are alright, my mother being a bother as usual.  I’m just worried that I’m going to lose internet connection soon. So I’m trying to take advantage before they cut if off for lack of paying the bill. Being jobless sucks… that’s why I hate holiday jobs and temp jobs… it’s so mendokusei to job hunt, redo my resumé go to interviews and wait and search and wait and search and wait and search… well you get the picture.

I’m lagging behind on some posts that I wanna do. And there’s several drawings I want to work on too… but I can’t get too carried away on my personal projects that I neglect my school work… today I’ve stayed several hours at the college to get some work done… and also work on my blog because unfortunately Distraction just sits there as the Lady Deity ruling over the household… I don’t know why I find it so difficult to study even work on my writings… it’s weird… I bought a desk and I never sit to write on it, I got myself clip stand to type work without craning my neck and I haven’t properly used it yet and I got a new laptop and yet I still have to wait my turn to use  the computer because  apparently two PC aren’t enough?! Ah…. I complain, but the situation isn’t serious, it’s just baffling.


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