Anime Tutorials

I was surfing the internet at one time looking for anime tutorials for a friend who is just getting into drawing anime and I wrote up a small document which I printed and gave out to her. Donno, I’d thought it’d be good to post it up here to whoever needs some direction on how to get started. Hope you like!

  • Baka Neko Tutorials


Review: This website is amazing. It has a lot of small sections here and there… but if you take time to read through them you will gain a lot from these tutorials. What I’ve noticed was that these tutorials teach you a lot of basic principles of art itself. And clears the common misconception that young people have on anime—which is nothing more but a different style of art—drawing anime and drawing people are not two totally different things—and you learn to draw anime, by basically learning how to draw, period.

  • Manga Tutorials


Review: This website is great for people interested in learning how to draw manga. It’s got a lot of information. The materials you may need some tips on drawing, coming up with a story etc, etc. They offer several art tutorials as well but they seem to be more oriented to the experianced artist looking for a little push in the write direction. I wouldn’t recommend this to a total novice, but still it’s still a good reference for them to learn from.

  • Polykarbon


Review: Just so you know, this website offers very structered tutorials. And that means they teach you the fundamentals. Not on drawing anime, but on drawing itself! I can tell because some of the basics that are reveiwed there, I remembered hearing striaght out of my art teacher’s mouth when I was in high school. (he is American btw) This is very good for novices because it helps you build a foundation. These tutorials are what helped me give dimention and style to hair, style varation with eyes and get a good idea on drawing hands… it also shows you the basic stick figure skeleton which I use from time to time… how ever, I can see how people may have trouble with this website but at the same time, I highly suggest to practice some of the basics offered in this website.

2 thoughts on “Anime Tutorials

  1. Oh, wow, when you really do something, you really kind of get into it, huh? Haha, this will be really helpful to those who are interested in drawing manga, and even to some who are only curious about the process.

    • Yeah, I tend to really be like that… I get so into sometime and usually I take way to much for me to handle… *laughs* Yeah it is really helpful. I’m glad you found it interesting.

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