Artistic Spotlight: Rueme

STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING: All of the artistic pieces that are presented in this post are strictly property of the respected artist. Please don’t steal their work and/or post them up anywhere else or make signatures or anything of that nature. Thank you ^_^

Hello again, this time I’m going to focus on another fave artist that I’ve been watching in the past year. Up-to-date, I’ve been so focused on imprinting the images of my original characters on paper that I carelessly ignored working on character interaction, much less learned to present them in a stylish fashion… Rueme is an artist that is constantly working on those factors and so in the past two years has blossomed beautifuly… I’m going to take the time to look through a few of her many works.

Please visit: Rueme’s Deviant Page

Rueme is an artist that has well developed her own art style in which is easily identifiable, and has a fondness of using variety of soft soothing color tones and makes the use of “shinies” creating a play of light and shadow in color which I find incredibly impressive.  In each piece there is always a flow of motion in a variety in the different poses and in pieces with multiple characters there is usually some interaction between them.

Candy Witch by Rueme

Candy Witch by Rueme

Candy Witch is one of personal my favorites. The checkered background adds to the festive mood, the little faces on the candy as they magically float out of the basket is cool and who cannot love a chibi Roo who clings on for dear life?! It’s cute and very endearing and it defiantly serves its purpose in delivering the Halloween spirit. Mika and Roo are Rueme’s original characters, and you’ll see them in a lot of her works.

SS: Luke

SS: Luke by Rueme

Ahhh! Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss!!! *nearly faints* Rueme does awesome fanart and I just love when an artist does them in their own style!!! I just love it, I feed off of that, mwaahahha (I’m sorry I must be scaring you all, poor things…) Well that being said the biggest thing I like to point out is the play on light and shadow that’s like huge in this piece. I can point that out easily cuz I suck at shading TT_TT. But besides the point, shadows from within his clothes and one expanding in the background gives the viewer the idea that the lighting is coming from the ground on the bottom right hand corner. (Am I wrong?) Probably candlelight. Given the background it gives me the sense that Luke in some fancy house standing confusled in front of a wallpaper wall. (confusled is my word yes… XD)

FFXIII Lightning by Rueme

FFXIII Lightning by Rueme

TT_TT Lighting is so beautiful… I love her so much… I cry happy tears… she is Final Fantasy XIII character. This drawing is so awesome filled with awesome. The character in the picture seems to give off a sigh of light satisfaction as she lies out on the ground. The small sakura petals add a delicate atmosphere and you can see that the picture begins to fade off to white as you look towards the right. It provides a very soothing effect…

Well that’s it for this post, likey? Go check out her profile, and soon enough you find yourself browsing through tons of other talented artists! Till next time!

2 thoughts on “Artistic Spotlight: Rueme

  1. Hi! I’m back! So, what have you been doing this new year? Watched any good anime lately? I like the pics, btw, I wish I could have even half of that talent! The only thing I could do to do a decent drawing is to cross stitched! This way, I could produce something recognizable!

    • Uwa!!! I missed you so much!!! Ah, I spent the new years with a family friend. It was something sweet and simple I liked it. The vacation went by an agreeable pace if you ask me. It didn’t feel too long but it did not just fly by… I didn’t get much for Christmas, but I usually don’t, which I don’t mind. I usually like to give away presents instead of recieveing them. Um, as for new anime, I’m getting into Tegami Bachi. It’s so cute and sweet, it’s really worth the watch I’ve seen eleven episodes so far… I can’t cross stitch there’s something you can do that I can’t *laughs* I really admire their work, and I’m planning to show case other artists in the future…

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