Lag is so cute!

Lag Seeing

Lag Seeing

Tegami Bachi is SO cute. It’s a very interesting manga/anime. What I find very unique about it is that I first learned about it in a Shonen Jump which kind of weird which is something that looks like it could be a shojo because it’s so sentimental. But at the same time you can see that there are some shonen elements that show up. The determination of the main character which happens to be male, and the empahise on the heart and not the main character hooking up with the love interest… The adventure to the main objective and the “special trait” that distinguishes the main character from everyone else. For Kurosaki Ichigo is his orange hair, Naruto his facial markings and fox eyes, Luffy the straw hat, Natsu his pink hair and scarf and for Lag Seeing the main character for Tegami Bachi is the artificial eye made of red ember.

People watching it may get annoyed because he’s such a crybaby but folks if you think he’s going to stop brawling out at any sad moment you’ve got to find something else right off the bat. Because he’s going to keep crying… ahah…it’s the cutest thing though. Actually I like the fact that he’s such a crybaby, it really defeats the image of the protagonist in having to be a fearless tearless hero…

Ah… I’m really tired, but by now if you’re really intrigued by this little review take some time and watch it… who knows by episode two you’ll might be at tears, and by the third one, you won’t notice them stream down your face.


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