Artistic Spotlight: UdonNodu

STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING: All of the artistic pieces that are presented in this post are strictly property of the respected artist. Please don’t steal their work and/or post them up anywhere else or make signatures or anything of that nature. Thank you ^_^

I’ve been on deviantART for eleven months already, and I can still remember my first month after creating an account for the first time, how overwhelmed I was by all of the amazing artwork that was precisely gathered in just one place… I was seeking inspiration for my incredibly plain and empty artwork. One of the major things that I’m constantly searching for is to define an art style and be able to create a certain mood that is acutely perceived by the viewer… UdonNodu is an artist who is able to do this quite seamlessly.

Please visit:  UdonNodu’s Deviant Page

Udon uses subtle backgrounds with strong solid colors for the foreground causing the viewer to focus their attention to the subject of the picture. There is a sense of eerie tranquility that is perceive in a lot of her pieces that produces curiosity and even provokes some thought at times.

Fox Spirit's Mask Painter by UdonNodu

The Fox Spirit’s Mask Painter is one of the first pieces that I’ve seen and what made me a devote watcher of her artwork. Putting aside my bias adoration I have for demon foxes and the like, this piece is like a snap shot from a story book. I can image a story of a boy who was somehow tricked to paint masks for the foxes that live nearby and after time has grown used to their company. The boy’s peaceful gaze seems to show contentment as the foxes wander about the shop in a sense of playful busyness . Even after a first glance, you can continue to look… You’ll find foxes hiding in different places within the shelves in the background of all different shades of color and markings…

Udon has also has done plenty of fanart as well, but there are just two that I want to put a spotlight on:

Blue Spirt Zuko

Blue Spirit Zuko by UdonNodu

Just for those who don’t know, Zuko is a character from the Nickelodeon show, Avatar: The Last Airbender . What I absolutely enjoy in this piece is the fact that Udon’s art style is still being applied and it translates perfectly, seeing that it displays Zuko’s stubbornness, quite gracefully. The furrowed brow and frown as well as the reluctant stare as he fails to make direct eye contact with the viewer shows and expresses the sense of insecurity that he possessed during the series (avid Avatar fan speaking here, folks *laughs*) Seeing the mask recounts in my mind the episode, in which he dons the name “Blue Spirit” to save Aang from imprisonment. Another aspect I’d like to point out is the dragon which is what mask’s image has come to represent, and/or the blue dragon, one of two, that was summoned to teach him and Aang the ancient fire technique, the Dancing Dragon.

Sasuke Water by UdonNodu

Sasuke Water by UdonNodu

Ahh I don’t think I’d have to tell you who this is right? XDDD My favorite part in this picture is the water that swirls around him. And here you can see what I mean by the soft background that serves as excellent contrast to make the main focus of the picture, which is Sasuke, to stand out even more.

At World's End by UdonNodu

At World's End by UdonNodu

Eh, like they say… save the best for last right? This is one of my biggest faves among UdonNodu’s gallery, At World’s End. In the picture description she quotes:

“I’d do anything for another glimpse
another touch
another smile
I’d do anything for a final meeting, at world’s end.”

The pale white background permeates with a feeling of nothiness as well as an eerie melancholy. The end, that can also be a beginning… I know full well that I’m a person who goes wayyyy too deep into things but well to say that this picture really got to me it did… *nervously laughs* The mini grim reaper-like character is presented in what seems to be double appearance; A hospital patient, or indeed an Angel of Death. The ambiguous white background gives you a chance to think both ways. Another thing to know, is the weakness in the male character that is portrayed in this picture. It’s very rare to find weakness in a main male character and in the perspective of many anime where there are unstoppiable heros and whiny Mary-sue-like females that fall at the rise of any problem it’s interesting to think of how a weak male hero is viewed. Yes, such a thought propelled me to work harder and create my own characters ones that don’t easily fall into such common arche-types.

That wraps up this post, in “Artistic Spotlight” if you like what you saw, don’t just take my word for it go visit her gallery and take a look yourself. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, until next time! ^_^

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