Ideas and things

Hi again!

A strange idea just occurred to me and I’d thought I should share it. If anyone reading happens to be a blogger and would like for me to write about their blog in a post just drop a comment or two on this post or any of them here for that matter, I’ll gladly do so. I figure if since you’re reading mine, I’ll be nice enough to advertise yours… That way we enter a win-win situation. If I really like your blog I’ll keep it in my blogroll as my list of links.

Another thing, I’d like to give a heads up on is that I plan to feature some pieces of really cool artwork, fan art or original… stuff I like to talk about and find really amazing.

So, if there are any artists out there that want me to feature a drawing or something you can hit me up with a comment or two anywhere in my blog… I’ll catch it right away… That’s it for now I guess…


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