Bitter Virgin

I don’t remember exactly what date was it but I do remember it was a Friday… because I wanted to read Bleach and it wasn’t out yet because it was like four o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t sleep, I randomly pick this manga to read even though I have several others that I want to read… ah donno what’s wrong with me…

Bitter Virgin is a seinen manga which means it’s an young adult manga for men… it’s not ecchi it just touches on some very intense subjects such as sexual abuse and still-birth… The story is very heartfelt and real. The story caught me from beginning to end and I would easily recommend it to anybody who wants to read a realistic story with a good plot.

It starts off this boy named Suwa Daisuke who is a wanna-be womanizer living with his mother who runs a restaurant. He’s planning to enter college and live a life a pimp or something… but he’s actually a really a good-hearted kid. He’s blabbed in class one day saying how he’s date everybody except for one girl, Aikiwa Hinako because she’s a girl who’d flinch at a male touch.  He’s figured she’s one of those girls that pretend to act like a virgin just to get attention. That is until one day by total accident he finds out a terrible secrect that she harbors. The situation turns constantly in Suwa to the point that he starts to fall in love with her and she finds herself being drawn to him as she learns to trust men again and it’s the sweetest thing… and yeah… for something I read spur of the moment it’s really nice.


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