How’s everyone’s holidays going?! Wish you all a Happy New Year and that you guys can spend it sweetly with all your family and friends. And so I shall inform you of my current status… I still don’t know what I’m planning to do for New Years… maybe something last-minute… anything will do I guess. I’m getting myself together because I’m having a lot of hopes for Twenty-ten! I’m adding a new page to this blog that’s solely dedicated to my resolutions for the incoming year… I wonder how far I’ll go?

I had a job for two months and a half and then they laid me off… they didn’t say, bet it was a seasonal job… seriously, jobs should be employee focused instead of customer based… I don’t care if it’s bad in the long run… I hate feeling like an old used rag. I wonder if I’ll get called back. My siblings got into Sims 2, it’s a fun game…but I’m not good at playing God. I get all stressed at fulfilling their needs and what not… but thank goodness there’s cheats. I’m building my own neighborhood. Of course, most of the Sims that I create is based off the characters in my stories. I say “based off” because the selection is horrible… but then again the hairstyles I create are so radically different from the ones available. Oh well.

I repainted the kitchen in that stupid green color my mother always likes… she always picks the same colors… but it really looks nice now, it’s amazing how much a room changes with a little paint. Well it seems that whenever I come and update my blog I’ll put up multiple posts because  usually by then I start writing about different topics. I plan to put a post about a manga I randomly read, a little personal review on the anime “Tegami Bachi” some another post on books that I’ve stumbled across (but not necessarily read…)

And that’s it from me… enjoy the holidays people and see you all next year! *waves*


2 thoughts on “Status

  1. Hey, I remember when you were painting the kitchen green, that was something. Yes, it did change after it all dried up. so, what’s up it’s been a while we haven’t talked. God you are better at keeping blogs than I will ever be.

    • The key word my friend is “dedication”! Although… in truth there is alot more I want to add to this and I usually get so lazy and then later I find myself regretting being such a procrastinating bastard ahahha…

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