Shinji’s Bankai?!

I remember excitedly saying to my siblings, “I can’t wait to see Shinji’s shikai.” Yes, I said ‘shikai’. To those that are not deeply versed in the terminology used in Bleach, shikai means “first release” which would be Ikkaku’s Hozukimaru which takes the appearance a spear or Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki which is a katana of a pure white blade with a long white ribbon attached the  bac. Then come the chapter and I see this:

Why call it a bankai? Why?! I don’t understand… It’s supposed to be his shikai… Am I wrong? It seems that I’m wrong… or maybe there was something lost in the translation or… it really is his bankai?! Don’t get me wrong… it’s all what I expect in a release. It’s amazing and I had a huge hunch that his zanpakutou abilities had to do with reversing things… because it was something that he hinted when he was first introduced into Ichigo’s class.

I LOVE Shinji, he’s my top fave among the vizards (aKa Visoreds in the English ver.) I personally like the design of his zanpakutou. There is an invisible handle in the middle of the ring at the end and it seems he’s able to spin the weapon around with ease. And it doesn’t only consist of a change in appearance it changes the world around the victim into a place where everything in every possible way is reversed… and if you’ve played one of those video games where they have those attacks that flips the controls of character in a battle you know how frustrated you feel when you have to get your mind to readjust to the situation. The more skilled you are… the more difficult it is to get used to the changes. Which gives Shinji an edge against stronger opponents, such as Aizen. It’s disappointing how arrogant Aizen is though, claiming how only it’s just a matter of getting used to it… I just wanna smack him for been such a smart ass. But that’s Aizen… playing the excellent role of the ultimate villain.

But no matter what my mind always goes back to square one… bankai? It’s not a bankai… it’s just a shikai… it has to be. Because he’s an ex-captain of Gotei 13. I expect more things out of him. There has to be…but that’s just the fan-girlish side of me, I suppose. He’s always fought without using a shikai… so I wondered how it would look like and then how would his bankai would look like afterwards. Like Kensei. Kensei has a shikai…

…and a bankai.

So why… does Shinji’s zanpakutou has only one appearance?! Why?! Why Tite Kubo-sensei? Why? Is it hard for you to come up with more designs? Are you saving the really cool ideas for other characters?! Either way, I’m not mad at him… I can never be… and I can never be demanding to a manga-ka, they work so damn hard… It’s just I wanted to see more… I’m such a greedy little girl aren’t I?


2 thoughts on “Shinji’s Bankai?!

  1. That is his shinkai he never shows his bankai in the series kubo probably couldn’t think of a upgrade for his ability so he never tried, and if you don’t believe me check the wiki

    • I believe you’re right, but I’ll check the wiki to double check. At the time I wrote this blog post I recently read the chapter. It felt like it was his actual bankai back then, but knowing how Kubo-sensei loves to complicate things it probably isnt’ but rather like you said his more advanced shikai abilities. Thanks for reading my blog post!!

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