Oh my goodness. I really didn’t see it coming. Not at all not at all…

That left me with such a lasting impression, that several hours later while I was working on a fanfiction of something totally different, the thought of such suffering kept flashing in my memory. I’ve had such moments trust me it’s not fun. Poor guy, look Sasuke doesn’t deserve it, let’s face it. He doesn’t deserve the care and attention. I’m mean seriously what did he do during the kid season but obsess about revenge and look cool in front of others his age. That’s it. I’m sorry all you Sasuke fans, it’s the fuckin damn truth. I’m a Sasuke fan myself and I know reality when I see it… And you know what, Sakura just made it worst, she just made it worst. The hell?! First she lies, okay and then she goes off to “kill” Sasuke…. Uh?! Hello????? Sasuke killed Deidara…. Sasuke killed Itachi…. he weakened Killer Bee… uh… he faced off Gaara… uh he’s under Tobi’s wing of protection…. um… let me think… yeah okay, because I have “special” feelings for him I’m gonna go kill him with my own hands… Ugh! Sakura get a grip! Instead of doing that stupidity TEAM UP with Naruto. Support him and he’ll support you— work together…because Naruto cares about Sasuke just as much as you do Sakura!!!! Idiot, I swear I want to rip my hair off…  And look right on the next page after this what do you see?

Sasuke tending to his business… simple as that. Do you think at this instant he’s worried about what Naruto thinks of him? No. Not really. Look I won’t be surprised he ends up dead. Heck, I think about it and the thought doesn’t seem so bad. He’s an emotional scarred fellow who can’t put up with the reality of the ninja world. Danzo himself… I don’t see him as a bad guy. He’s just old-fashioned. A ninja’s life is never pretty and it’s filled with lies and deceit. That’s why Sasu is better of becoming a samurai… oh well too bad.


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