Sakura’s Behavior in Naruto

So, regular readers of the Naruto manga have seen a very interesting twist… when Sakura left to see Naruto, because she cried and put her thoughts together and Sai’s words made her realize something important.

Or so I thought…. Man was it disappointing. To discover that it was all a god-forsaking lie. Well screw you Sakura! Sasuke doesn’t need any more of your tears! He really doesn’t care about you.. he never really did. Only in a “yea she’s my teammate “ kind of way. Face it was an infatuation that evolved to become a fuckin obsession. Oh god, I was so pissed. Why? Because I love Saku/Naru and doing what she did was like making fun of that right in front of my face… I was like, “Yeahhh!!! Yeahh….? Huh? This is weird? What? Damn…”

I didn’t like it… I didn’t like where it was going…

Okay Sakura, okay, I understand… I’m a Sasuke fan to an extent, but please… don’t play with Naruto’s feelings like that… you confused the hell out of him.. he didn’t even believe it… it was so fake… if you couldn’t say it then don’t but don’t come up with such a weak excuse… WEAK weak excuse! Sakura! Come on!



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