Recently watched Anime

I’ve spent a large amount of time blogging today… so this will be the last post of the day… before I come back I suppose….
I’m inches away to finally being up-to-date with Gintama. After those two weeks of being internet-less build a couple… but now, I’m really close… I believe I have less than ten before I finally catch up. Yes! As for another anime that I’m rather relishing is, Tegami Bachi…

I want to read the manga for it but I haven’t taken the time. The first episode is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! It’s so cute. Lag Seeing is this little boy crying for his mother who was stolen away. And he is sent away as a package to his Aunt in another city. It’s so cute, so touching it’s all I can say over and over. And I’ve only watched like three episodes and I mean to get back to it again.

Another that I’m watching right now is Fairy Tail. I started reading the manga a while back and flipped when I found out it was converted into an anime. It’s good but I wouldn’t call it an instant fave though… but it’s worth to watch. Especially if your fan of the artist’s previous work, Rave Master. (I never did finish watching that anime…)

I love Natsu and his strawberry pink hair, it’s so cute. I think he’s a really cool protagonist and became an instant fave for me. As for Lucy… eh… she’s okay I guess… she’s your average female lead… nothing different so nothing really sticks out for me. But I do like Erza, I like the fact that she’s featured as the strongest wizard in the guild.

Fairy Tail anime

One of the things that stuck out for me was the concept of this anime. The setting in a magical world with mages and guilds in which different mages decided to join. That’s what made me want to read the manga in the first place. I need to watch more to  be up-to-date with the series but so far it’s really worth it. Sometimes here and there, it starts feeling kind of like ‘One Piece’ but then it drifts off and lets you know that it is its own thing ya know?

Kobato is adorable… but I need to watch more to say anything else… and that’s it for me…. Until next time peoples….



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