I wish the feel the season but I really don’t

Omg… I’m tired and I feel like I’m trapped in some type of hole… but don’t worry people, I’m okay… I’m okay.

Just wanted to drop some sign of life that I still exist in this universe and that I still in the back of my sleep-deprived mind is this little blog space patiently waiting for my next post. Here is some of the things would like to post in the future entries:

– Describe several book titles I’ve spotted
– Talk bout some of the new anime I’ve watched
– Put up some other original stories

As for the holidays… my family hasn’t gotten a Christmas tree yet and unfortunately for me it doesn’t feel very in the season… for some time I was cut off of the internet so now I have a whole bunch of catching up to do… but there are now lots of good things in spite of it all… one of them being this new laptop that I’m typing in right now at the comfort of my bed… ah… yes… I’d never thought the day would come. I mean seriously… I’ve written this post in different instances so it might be carrying different feelings all at once… oh well… I have to go to work now…


2 thoughts on “I wish the feel the season but I really don’t

  1. lets plan a christmas party between our families huh?
    that way I would make you feel the season…
    I will lock you outside
    …you will feel the season… WINTER!

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