Showing off my new born babies…

I wish everyone to have a very nice Thanksgiving…. enjoy your turkey and those talkative uncles with their round-about tall tales with no point in them… yeah…well as for me, this year will be quite peaceful… I’m glad I don’t have to work on that day. Only on the day after, ahahah.

It’ll be me, my siblings and my mother. Just that. But I’m too weary and tired to whine about not having people over… this is good for me I guess…

It’s said that I write so much about what I want to write or about what I’ve written and next to no one  has seen it… it’s like I’m rasing hype of some kind that I could never live up… but I want to it’s just in my brain just flashing scenes and images so vividly that I want to scream and tear it out of my brain and spatter it on paper… those f**king plot bunnies are killing me… they’re eating me alive… it’s so horrible… but at the same time I get so happy when I get a new idea, or when I come up with a new plot twist or a new love interest or a new reason to make a character lost his mind and go delirious… oh it’s so fun… It’s a love/hate relationship that I have it’s so ironic.

Here’s the thing… I’m thinking about posting some of the my writings here in this blog, since it is about  “fiction” anyways. I’m planning to put “orginal” stuff… Yeah, some of my raw skills exposed, granted, I like this anonomous feeling that I have posting online because I don’t know how my readers look like… I’m very emotional with my stories, I shelter them like newborn babies *laughs*  I just wonder if readers will have a problem reading white letters on a black background… or if the lettering in this blog is too tiny or both… I don’t know, I worry about those little things, ya know?

Whatever story I post here, I plan to later on put them on the fictionpress account that I have… because I like to keep those things in a nice cute collected place. *laughs*


2 thoughts on “Showing off my new born babies…

  1. Hey, it’s okay to talk about your stories, because sometimes if you get stuck on a particular situation, by sounding off to someone you can get an idea on how to continue your story. I can see that you get excited talking about some idea you have for a story, and I think by telling someone, you might get a clearer vision on how to tell the story.

    Yup, it’s really nice that the anonymity of a blog such as ours enables us to tell stuffs that we normally wouldn’t even think of voicing out.

    Erm, about the style of your blog, while the black background is nice because it’s not glaring to the eyes, unfortunately the small letters sometimes is hard to read. Especially if your going to post your stories here, because the posts will be long. Or maybe because I’m wearing eyeglasses, I just have to upgrade the lenses! Hahaha!

    • NO, not at all, that’s exactly the type of feedback I want to hear! I needed to know if the font was kind of small so I can increase the size of my font when I post. Thanks for letting me know!

      I had a feeling it was looking kind of tiny when I post anyways…

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