Emanuella 1

Okay here’s the first one that I’m going to put up… the first one because it’s the only one at this point that I have typed up. It’s such a weird story that I wasn’t sure on how far I would be going with this… it was written at a time when I was trying comprehend why a female should enjoy watching two men fall in love (yaoi) and all the science behind it.

I don’t like yaoi… I find it the strangest thing I’ve ever seen… and I don’t find any squeal or appeal. But I don’t outright puke at the sight of it. I find it alright I guess but not worth buying or reading or spending any of what little precious time that I have watching it. It’s just funny to see a picture now and then, or read some crazy fan-fics they have out there pairing non yaoi-characters into seme/uke categories. I have playful conversations with my sister saying that Sasuke is an UKE and not a SEME and how Naruto is not and UKE but a SEME so on and so forth… the crazy things these fan-girls do… I mean seriously… but I’m getting seriously off topic so here we go…


A lie is an alternate reality that a one chooses to live in, a tunnel smaller than a pinhole eventually will be capable of sucking souls in. The truth became a lie and the lie the true reality…

Chapter 1: Enter! The mysterious stealer of hearts!

          An air of refinement filled the air as Robert and Benadict enter the grand hall. It was a place rented by Molly’s father to host her first wedding anniversary.  Everyone was dressed in their most luxurious garments. Women wore their finest silk and every man was elegantly dressed in well pressed suits. The chandeliers glowed like diamonds suspended in the sky, glittering, letting their light reflect on all of the invited. Robert walked towards the refreshment table with his close friend behind him. Picking up a poured glass of clear cider wine, Robert lifted the glass up to his friend.

          “Look Benny, don’t you see it, feel it…” he began with sudden inspiration.

          Ben sighed; his friend always had a roundabout way of talking, “Just tell me…”

          “Today is the day, I feel it, I will meet at long last a wonderful person—A woman that will take my breath away—A day for love!”

          “Aw, jeez Rob, you sound like one of those characters in those trashy paperback novels.”

          Just then, the entire room hushed. Whispers spread about like ocean sea waves rippling across the multitude.

          “What’s going on?” Robert asked a blonde near him.

          The blonde turned and immediately recognized him, “Robert? Fancy seeing you here, you usually avoid fancy ball parties” His blue eyes glinted with much fun.

          “Oh shut it, what’s going on Frances? Just tell me!” he pressed

          “She’s coming; I can’t believe that she accepted Molly’s invitation!”

          “Who’s coming?” Chimed Ben

          “Emanuella” Frances breathed with a sigh.

          He had to see for himself, it was way too many times, losing count of the times he had heard her name. A woman rumored to almost never leave her home. Possessing, a beauty unmatched a grace unequaled and a mystery about her that leaves one to behold. Emanuella, the grace of God himself is said to trail behind her. Robert pushed his way to the crowd until he noticed that he was right next to Molly and her husband, Charles. She was a chubby woman with large brown bouncy curls. He turned his head and looked on to the back entrance and saw her…

          She walked in with a slivery blue silk dress. The ribbons seem the float about her. Her pale porcelain skin, cheeks sweetly rosy red, all added clarity to the light, light sky blue eyes that shot out and penetrated the onlookers. Robert lost his voice and his heart squeezed like an orange losing all its juice. Her face was so perfect it was unreal. Small sweet tender lips, slender jaw and chin that framed the large almond-shaped eyes. Her hair however was cut short, but for Robert it didn’t matter, loving how the midnight locks hugged around her cheeks and wisps graced down her neck. Her bangs were long, the tips reaching for her eyes. He traced his vision down to her body. She had no bust, nothing, what so ever. But who said that had to determine a woman’s beauty?! No, he felt the urge—no a need to see her… Behind her entering at the same time was a middle aged woman, her beloved mother Elain. Her graying purple hair was tied up to a bun. She wore a simple grey silk and looked extremely proud of her daughter.

          Now it’s time the ultimate chance, Robert seized the opportunity he had once he spotted her alone. Drinking at the punch table. He took the first step, and Benny hand landed on his shoulder.

          “Dude, I wouldn’t dare… I heard some weird things about her”

          “Like what?” Robert challenged. He was getting annoyed.

          “Well, first off” he gulped down a glass of vodka before continuing, “Every man that goes after her ends up mysteriously disappearing.”

          “Disappearing?” he questioned.

          “Yeah, and check this, there’s people talking that she far more interested in other women than in men.”

          Robert sucked his teeth, “Now THAT, I know is a downright lie.”

          “Well,” shrugged Ben, “Suit yourself, look at her right over there…” he pointed the hand that held already the third glass of vodka.

          Robert turned and saw Emma talking to Sarah, Benny’s little sister. Emma stood quite close and her eyes lazily narrowed and seemed to pay more attention to the moving lips rather than the words that came out of them. Robert shook his head in denial. No, she just hasn’t met that man of her dreams, the man that will sweep her off her feet. I will be one! The one that will ultimately change her!

          Standing so close to her, yet I still feel so far… Sarah… oh my dear lovely Sarah…

          “It’s so wonderful that you were able to come today, I was almost afraid that you wouldn’t, Emma,” Sarah spoke in a sweet small voice. Emma could only smile in return. Sarah’s eyes just saddened for a bit and Emma seeing that small change of emotion reached out her hand and stroked her cheek tenderly with just the tip of her finger. “It’s just it’s not fair” began Sarah once more, “That you can’t speak, even thought we’ve known each other for years—I, I can’t get over the fact I could never hear your voice…” Sarah fought back her small little tears, as deep inside she wished to do something to help her dear, dear friend.

          Frances approached and asked Sarah’s hand out to dance. Emma watched them both. Her long pale rose coloured hair trailed behind her. It was an art in itself, along the tips of the long mane; it changes to a soft lilac and a graceful blue. She had braids mix in with flowers all about. To her, Sarah, yes Sarah was the spot light, all the glory. Emanuella walked by the windows next to the entrance of the courtyard. She felt absolutely sick. So many male suitors had sought her hand when the only one she wanted, the only one was her…. Can it be so difficult when one would sacrifice everything? When one would sacrifice everything and only ask for one thing in return?! When that only one thing, that just one thing… is the only one thing that cannot be taken?!!!

          “Your name is Emanuella, is it not?”

          She whirled around and spotted a tall elegant young man. He had short dark ebony locks that swirled around in waves. His eyes a dark mysterious color, broad chest, long arms and legs—a man and any woman would desire, now brought a sudden disgusting taste to her tongue.

          “Yes, and please, I would like to be left alone…” she began returning her gaze to the window.

          “My name is Robert Ogito, pleased to meet you… Would you please be so kind to dance with me just once?”

          “No, I would not,” came the abrupt answer.

          Robert stood stunned as he watched her move so lightly as a ghost enter the courtyard and close the door soundlessly behind her…


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