Going through withdrawal

So yeah, I’m discovering that I have some kind of addiction to blogging. I check both blogs daily. But right now, I need to just step away for abit and start coming back to this less frequently. I’m not going on hiatus… I’m just going to back off a bit. Thought it’d be nice just to say so right here. I’m only going to post frequently on the other one, since it doesn’t really need much things and I just write off the top of my head, most of the time.

I need to work my writing, and several sketches and lots of other things…


4 thoughts on “Going through withdrawal

  1. Yup, I also got that feeling a while ago that I’m spending too much time blogging, well, not just on my blog but reading other’s blogs. So I also decided to limit myself to at least once or twice a week. This way, I will be able to HAVE a life and be able to blog it! Haha!

    Good luck! But be sure not to forget to post once in a while, okay?

    • Don’t worry I’ll take time to do so now and then. I know what you mean… I write so much and then I stop to think, “what else do I have to write about”


      It’s an addiction I swear…

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