My visit to the Ai

I went, as promised in the last post, to the Art Institute of York in Pennsylvania. The trip (without getting lost) is and hour and thirty minutes… uhh…. let’s just say I don’t want to hear the word “I-83” anytime soon… That route is filled with snake-like spits and curves on the way back I was lost for about an hour… it was so horrible. And it really doesn’t help when there is someone who’s getting even more nervous than usual. But all in all I’d say it was really worth it, because I liked what I saw and I’d say that I’ve decided to shoot for my artistic side first and pursue my teaching career afterward. The way I see it, to be a good teacher you need to have a lot of experience first, and going for teaching later in life, there is more chance I’ll be able to do a better job.

The school is located next to a large memorial park that is found off a huge intersection (one that is impossible to cross on foot) of a mall complex. It’s pretty wide and peaceful but at the same. This is an image of the parking lot around where I parked.That is the other building of the school, I never went inside it though.

parking lot

I went inside here.

Ai School

Ai School - Main Building

Here’s the thing, I originally set up a one-on-one around 10 AM that day and I planned to take my mother with me but my mother couldn’t get a day off from work (janitorial work) so I went with her to do the job in just three hours and a half instead of seven. By that time it was 11 AM and since the ride was an hour long I was already super late. Well all in all we arrived at the school around 2 in the afternoon, I just wished I would have been there when it was filled with people, oh well.

silly cat

The school is pretty big, I wouldn’t say huge because I’ve seen bigger, but it’s still pretty nice. I’m wondering how the Ai of Phili looks like?!  I forgot exactly what this part is called but it has something to do with colors, that’s for sure. On either side of the walls are different pieces of artwork done by the students at the school. The admissions lady told me that they have an anime club which is cool because I’ve never been part of one of those before. (That’s the guide at the front, my friend on the left and my mother at the right—I’m not in the pic XP)

Hallway pic

Here is a project that the students did where they drew a sculpture from their point of view. If you notice, the one all the way to the top left and the one on the top right of the same row are done by two different people of the same statue. So is the other two of that same row. They chose different materials and colors to make the same thing. Pretty wild if you ask me…

art gallery

Different POV of sculptures

This is a different set of drawings done with the theme “people at work”

art gallery 2

I thought this was pretty cool.


Well, I’ve decided to enter the school after I graduate from the one that I’m in right now. I’m really excited and looking forward to it. Since it’s so far, I’m planning to dorm over there. They have a little town complex and one houses four people; two floors, three bedrooms, one double, two single, two bathrooms. Fully furnished. Sounds nice, I like it. We’ll see how everything turns out I suppose. There’s still a lot of things I want to ask, though, since I came so late everything was kind of rushed.


5 thoughts on “My visit to the Ai

  1. Nice! I like the way you took the pics, like I was walking with you throughout the entire tour! I especially like the pic you pointed out, about the two drawings of the same statue but with diff prespective? I would never have notice that unless you pointed that out!

    Looking at your pics, I kind of got excited, as if I’m the one who’s going to study there! Hahaha! Ohh, I’m feeling envious, I kind of like to go and study again. I like the experience of going back to school, but I’m not looking forward to having exams again. Heh!

    Goodluck! I hope you enjoy your time there! And, why didn’t you took some photos of you? Cheater!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading this! Idk, I’ve always been shy around pictures… besides, I’m not to photogenic if you ask me… ugh yeah exams, I know. I’m looking forward entering the school. Now, I have to see if I’ll get accepted!

    • Oh I see, it’s alright, you don’t have to in order to comment. I really appreciate you reading my posts though! I hope you find them interesting… ^_^”

      Thank you SO much for letting me know, though! I just checked what was wrong; I didn’t change the default settings to allow anonymous comments from users outside of livejournal.

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